Early warp mode trials, only for the community

Hey folks!

August marks two years of the Ather Community, and what a ride it has been! The Ather Forum started out with some of the beta test riders to get early feedback and talk to those who’ve made pre-orders directly. Today, we have over 8700+ EV enthusiasts, over 75% of all Ather Owners, and thousands of excited folks from all over India waiting to get their hands on an Ather.

To mark this occasion, we called the community moderators to our office to have a chat about the community, expectations from the Ather 450X, Collector’s edition etc. (We did talk about all of this), and then surprised them with Warp mode trials. In Chennai, we reached out to some of our earliest Ather 450 owners, and community members who’ve been excited about the Ather 450X, to come down to the Chennai Experience Center for the same reason.

With them sharing their experiences #ather-450x:warp-mode-trials of the warp mode, we are now making warp mode trials open exclusively for our community members in Chennai and Bengaluru starting next week, before everyone else. Keep an eye on this thread for a form to block your slot. Other cities, stay tuned.

And that’s not all, this time, you’ll also get to check out the new shades of the Ather 450X. Pick a time, see the world through the warp mode, and needless to say - do share your experience here.


Hey folks,

Here are the links to book your slots for the warp mode trials starting from Tuesday, 1 September.

@Bengaluru: Book your slot

@Chennai: Book your slot

@450X-Pre-Orders, this is your chance to take an exclusive trial of the Warp mode, if you’re in Bengaluru or Chennai! Try it, and jot down your experiences here #ather-450x:warp-mode-trials. These slots are available only till 7 September, before the trials for everyone else begins :slight_smile:

Some things to note before your test ride:

  • We’re limiting the trial slots per hour, to prevent overcrowding and minimizing close contact. So pick a time and date that’s convenient to you, and take the trial at your leisure.
  • Carry your own helmet if you have one, and take precautions such as wearing masks, gloves and using hand sanitizers regularly.
  • Please arrive on time for your slot, and avoid coming for the trial in groups.

Scooters are prepped and ready to go in Bengaluru and Chennai for warp mode trials starting tomorrow, book your slots if you haven’t already!