Dropping key features in the name of minimalism

Guys, did anyone notice Ather team has removed from-to locations from the ride logs? This was very useful when someone wanted to check a specific ride they took.

I don’t get it, if we complain on this one they will say they wanted to declutter and make it look more minimalistic. Same way they did it with Trip B. Although few people used it but they found value in that feature. What’s the point for investing time and resources to develop and add the features only to remove it afterwards. Heck they can’t even mend the charging done notifications.

Data points make a smart scooter intelligent. And Ather advertise their scooters as intelligent scooters. Ather has loaded their scooters with so many sensors that are gathering huge amount of data. But they are really struggling with visualising it. And that’s very disappointing :confused:

450x has a great display and they should give us an advance option to show as much data as possible. The people who paid this much for a “scooter” obviously are tech savvy. And what kind of nerd don’t love data. Just a simple option like “Advance user” for simple toggle can work.

450s can be the scooter for mass market who just want a simple scooter to from point A to point B without thinking much.

P.S. and how can we forget the live efficiency on the dashboard.


I think this was done to comply with the upcoming data protection laws,

This is happening in my cars also.


I agree. It was quite useful. Even if it was evading privacy, they could have allowed a option for users to turn it on.


What kind of data protection? They still keep the location data on their servers, just don’t share it with the owners.


Makes sense. Probably wait for an update from Ather to figure how they can work around it.

Can’t agree more to this. Minimalism is great aesthetically maybe, but with something that you need value out of; it can be a bit annoying. It just gives a feeling that I can’t make full use of the hardware when the software keeps getting smaller :upside_down_face: