Doshiujash's 450X in Ahmedabad

I took the delivery of Series 1 on 28th November 2020 @ Ahmedabad. It was the first delivery of the kind in whole Gujarat. The team was fully prepared for the delivery with full understanding of the super scooter. I have already drove 600kms in 10 days, performance of ather series 1 is amazing and everybody on road is like what kind of electric vehicle is running at high torque. Overall it’s worth it.


Did the dealer install the 3rd party seat cover ? Was it offered as an accesory? @doshiujash

@Suraj_madhu no it is after market seat cover

As per your driving cycle what are the range are you getting?

In eco mode has achieved 90kms in ride and sports mode approx 60-70 kms


you got the helmet from Ather??

No bro made it myself ;). … I can get it made for u as well! :slight_smile: