Display directions on dashboard

Adding this based on @naufalwaffl’s suggestion at the Open House.

When navigation is activated and is minimized to the main screen, directions should be shown along with an indicator that navigation is activated.


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First of all @abhishek.balaji thanks a million for bringing this out! it means a lot and amidst all that excitement at the open house, some details may have been missed from my explanation to you. so here is exactly what i had been asking

All the essential information without the graphical representation of the maps for those who are new to this idea. this is intended for those cases when you very well know the route but just want to keep an eye on the remaining distance to the intended destination.

Yep this is aimed at Range anxious dudes (like me hehe) when you tend to wander off your usual office commute route and want to try someplace else.

@abhishek.balaji this should be even less graphic intensive than the picture in picture mode you had suggested, but yes you got the hang of what i was trying to say and that was good enough.