Discussions on solar home installations

Hi Now Bescom come with Soura Gruha Yojana. It cost 1 KV benchmark (56,000 INR) 40% Direct subscidy. Now actucal cost around 32000. If your monthly bill around 1000 Rs you can invest 32000 and electricity bill almost 11 months free (Some time you will get addtional money from Bescom.

visit www.bescom.org fill the form Registration charge 500 + 18% GST Non Refundable. Make ensure you have atleast 150 SQF of shadow free space (Even Balcany also possible)

Example: In my home I invested for 1KV Grid tied. My overal usage 110 Units per month + Now ather charging. No bill from 2 years.



apply in Bescom site now you will get 40% subscidy. 3KV just 96000 it include 5 years AMC. End to End install commissioning done by Bescome only.

Does it include everything?

like Panels, invrter,etc

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All inclusive. Not include net merer and fabrication. Both cost not more than 5k Visit bescom.org

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I think @raghav.srinivasan uses it for more things other than just his scooter, and it really isn’t something that’s done to reduce running costs, but just one of those things you do. Plus I think the panels will pay for themselves in over a decade, so the reasons to install solar panels are quite different.

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Ah! The perks of solar power.


Care to elaborate?

I think he charges his scooter from the power generated by the solar panels he’s installed. Hence the running cost of 0.

That would increase ownership cost…

My Solar PV system is not exclusively for the 450. My 3.2kw system powers my entire house during the day and with excess going into the grid. My bills since august have been ~₹300 odd to cover the minimum charges that BESCOM puts on irrespective of the usage.

In fact they don’t even bother sending me bills on time anymore!. I have to remind the meter reader to send me the bills every month!


Checkout Mr. Sunil from Bengaluru with his recommendation for solar PV setup with microinverters (₹18,300/ kVA)

  1. https://sonublogs.blogspot.com/2020/06/sustenance-roof.html?m=1
  2. https://youtu.be/683YWd6tCgk
  3. https://youtu.be/-nmOwOnaoKU
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The commitment that is needed for this type of lifestyle is huge. It took me a long time to convince myself to look at the cost of my Solar PV system as an investment towards sustainable living rather than looking at it through a cost-benefit prism.

We already converted an old well (hard water woes!) into a rainwater recharge well. With plentiful rains this year, the water depth is at 5ft from the ground level!

Now that my family also sees the value of having an EV and Solar PV system, it is much easier for me to convince them towards a EV 4w or a biogas plant.


Check these guys for a small bio gas plant without needing much space https://vaayu-mitra.com/. Got myself one over the weekend, pictures attached.

Also, here’s a youtube video for reference - https://youtu.be/2qIr0c5Mhj0


about the panel itself, in general life will be more than 15-20yrs and yes to achieve better efficiency regular cleaning is required (depends on where u live) though i didn’t confirm second question have this information before as my uncle’s farm land have solar panels installed… got the info from there some years ago… but it is heavily subsidised by government as it is used for farming appliances