Disappointed with Ather Test Ride

I booked test ride on 25th March for 27 Mar 2021 at Blive, Old Goa location. I also got confirmation email from Ather. We were very exited for Test ride in Ather. We drove almost 60 kms both way.

Sadly Blive guys at Old goa did not aware of the appointment and Ather scooter was not even available there. After some time they said that scooters are available at their Panjim Godown but not charged.

This is simply paymentic. If you dont have scooters available, then why are you allowing test ride bookings.

This is alarming situation for Ather to improve their service else it will be difficult to survive in competition.


Hey. You could go for the test ride when Abhishek updates in the forum. That way you’ll be able to get the test ride too and not travel 60 km for nothing

I booked test from Ather’s official website and also received their confirmation email. Then it is pointless to wait for somebody to update…


True. Even I booked but recieved no confirmation. But that’s the best thing to do.

So you’re saying that the website is untrustworthy?

I think a bit of it might have lost in translation between dealer and the website list. We had a similar issue with test drives in Kochi, were the first days it was open to all and this who booked right when the page appeared had to wait. But it got cleared in a couple of days. Now it seems to be open for all those who are buying did the tests.

Next wave will come when the scooters appear on roads, when bookings should be taken.

agree, I was there alongside Neel and I also happen to go till Panjim on said address jus to find no Blive office. I was disappointed with my Experience, but, hopeful as Email confirmation was received from Ather and not dealer. Anyway, weekdays is not possible for me to Travel 30km to Old Goa, will wait for Weekend. Will see how things Pan Out. Thanks @neel.gurjar for this.

Wait! are u guys booking a test ride I went straight to ather space asked for a test ride and they told “yes sure”

How is any of that a customer’s problem? Why issue false commitments to people when you cannot honor them?

We don’t have an ather space in Goa as of yet

Many of the cities didn’t have ather space they are slowly getting into it wait for it

This was not a Ather Space but a pop up Test Ride, which was suppose to start from 27th March, now when i try to book a test ride slot, it is taken down for Panjim. But, one thing for sure, Vehicle has reached Goa for the purpose of Test Ride. Looking forward for right day when we can get the experience of 450X. I was disappointed, but, now looking forward to test ride one and own one. Cos, Pre-book is done.


I have taken the Test Ride Today. N I m Very Happy to Say Ather450 blown me away… Wrap mode was Surprisingly Smooth…

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Warp mode is a lot of fun. When I did the test ride Mumbai, initially the Scooter was on Eco mode. When I took it and stopped at a signal,I saw Eco mode and changed it to Warp because I wasn’t there for Eco. The 450X zipped through traffic and was so much smooth and fun to ride. I’m not that kind of a person who likes to go out on Scooter much. But once I get my Ather, I’ll only go by that​:joy::sunglasses: