Design and Aesthetics

Why does the front, especially the handle look identical to a white ntorq?

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Can we get a black Ather? I did a basic edit and it looks BaDaSs. I’d exchange mine for it anyday!


Editing :smiley:
You basically scratched it with permanent marker :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Black pAnTHER

I heard someone telling that their Ather 450’s Chassis broke within one month of purchase and had to sell it off. I have recently booked Ather 450. This has given a room to worry. So, I want to know whether aluminium chassis used in Ather 450 is durable or not and also wanted to know if anyone has faced any similar issues so far with regard to the chassis?

Wait what!?. I’ve had mine for 1.5years, Mind you I drive through some horrible roads (courtesy BMRCL and BWSSB) and I don’t even hear a creak or loose screw!

This is the first I’ve even heard of such an incident.

Yes, it was very surprising for me also to hear this.