Deliveries: Mumbai

Creating this thread for the Mumbai folks to discuss the timelines that have been shared.

My Order ID: 1982**

Earlier I was told the scooter will be delivered by August. Now I have been told I will get the delivery by June-July.

What’s your update?


booked on april 8 i have been told delivery of mid september as showrooms are being shifted it added month of delay more

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102 Days and Counting. Payment Window has still not opened.


Visit the thane showroom and check with them once.

My centre is in Malad. Will have to wait more

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I also prebooked online 12th May. But still Payment is yet to open for me. How to find the centre whether Malad or thane for me ? Can you tell please

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I got a call last week from Ather. They informed me that my order will be delivered in 30-45 days and they asked my preferred delivery location. So I opted for Malad.

I had placed my order on 13th March.

malad showroom is opening this weekend,thane showroom has been already operational for month

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Just contacted the support guys at Ather. Have been told that the Ather Space in Malad is still not operational. Even though I was informed that the Experience Centre will go live on the 30th June via phone and email. And seems like there is no ETA either. This is genuinely disappointing @tarun

I have already seen several reports that your service sucks. The scooter has not even been delivered yet to me and I can see how shitty the experience is going to be. Genuinely reconsidering my purchase decision right now.

Both the Ather Space at Malad and your order are getting ready, once your scooter is ready for delivery, our team will reach out to you regarding delivery options :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update. Appreciate it!

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There is an Honda poster on the glass. :sweat_smile:


Honda Ather partnership I guess :joy: #hother

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Yesterday customer care team told Malad Showroom is opening today. Anyone taking delivery from Malad?

A couple of deliveries happened today at the inauguration of the new Ather Mumbai Space, Malad. Check with the Ather team, or local dealer for an update.

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