Declassifying reliable and safe battery packs at Ather Energy

Why do battery packs catch fire? How do you design a battery pack to minimize incidents? We catch up with Shreyas Seethapathy, who leads the powertrain team at Ather, to understand how battery packs work, and what Ather Energy does to ensure safe and reliable battery packs.

In this Episode:

Shreyas Seethapathy: Lead, Battery and Powertrain

Abhishek Balaji: Community Manager

Tune in today at 6:30 PM to know all about building robust battery packs for Indian conditions.

Catch the full video here:

Or if you prefer the audio version:


Did he just say there are the 4th iterations of the battery pack in development now?

soon we will be in for the new-gen battery pack and longer-range model

Shreyas Seethapathy, He is the Tom Holland of Ather.

@shreyas.seethapathy was there any development to Liquid cool the pack passively or the motor with combination cooling you could have gone decreasing the spacing to .5mm to.8mm


After snoozing to “Watch later” multiple times, finally I watched this today morning. What better time than when doing household chores :wink:

This is the best episode in the series so far. Usually I liked Tarun’s interviews and this is no less engaging.

What I liked? Content was interesting and Shreyas made it very engaging to watch. No shameless boasting or unnecessary attacks on competitors. Largely focused on topic itself.

Didn’t go too much into detail to make it boring and not too high level which would have lost the purpose of “Declassified” itself.

Learnt few things without needing focus like a subject. Hearing the effort gone in, respect for Ather as a team. :pray:

Good hosts usually talks less, doesn’t interferes, but ask right questions and gives scope for guest to speak freely. Abhishek was excellent in that regard. You have a good career even outside EVs :smiley:

Looking forward for part 2 from Shreyas :slight_smile:


@shreyas.seethapathy has been getting a lot of popularity and love since the ad and now this. I’ve not seen the video yet but have heard him during one Ather Vantage sessions and he does speak well. And yes, @abhishek.balaji is doing this really neatly. I think he generally speaks less. :sweat_smile: Loving the Declassified podcast.


Loved this podcast too. Knowing what goes behind the scooter gives more confidence now to ride the Ather. And looking forward to the future of batteries. The best part would be what @shreyas.seethapathy has observed from the data, till whatever part he’s observed :stuck_out_tongue: , especially the last thing. And I guess being funny is one of the qualities you need to work at Ather