Declassifying Product and Pricing with Milind

How does a product get built based on pricing? What are the considerations on what goes into a product based on target pricing? How does a hardware product in the market evolve? Milind Kothekar, Chief of Staff and Head of Product at Ather joins in to discuss everything product, and the evolution of that journey.

In this Episode:

Milind Kothekar: Chief of Staff & Head of Product

Abhishek Balaji: Community Manager

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Very good episode.

Its good to see Ather speaks about Post-Subsidy EV market will be different.

Even After stopped tracking lithium-ion prices, and battery price continues to be 50% of the vehicle price.

Lithium-ion and battery price is as much relational to crude vs Indian fuel price


Really smart stuff. Insightful as always and not to forget funny. A bit like Tarun’s.

NEED THOSE STICKERS!! for everywhere in every size. And the model too. If I haven’t been explicit about this already.:joy::sweat_smile: Hopefully the merchandise line comes up soon. Willing to pay a premium :stuck_out_tongue: because it justifies value.

PS. Ather’s Car promotion strategy is to joke about it. Thank me later for decoding it. :sunglasses: