Data Analysis

A lot of data is being collected by Ather from the rides. It would be great if Ather analysis them individually and advice the owner for better performance, care and riding style. This will help the owner to derive the best out of this great product.

This may done once in a month.

Yes, maybe send push notifications of emails regarding this looks other services do; eg: Microsoft well-being ⁿ

We’re already running a beta of Usage reports - These are monthly reports that tell you how your riding style is, how your charging patterns are etc, you should see it roll out to everyone by end of this month roughly.

Thank you…as I am a new customer (first week or ownership), I wasn’t aware of this. Looking forward to the same.

Yep, more details coming soon!

Not recieved email of ather data details from Jan?

If you guys can monitor the horn of the vehicle, just publish the data on the horn usage per 100 kms driven or anything like that. lets curb down unnecessary honking and bring down the noise levels.

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