Dashboard Processor Update

Every Ather owner would had experienced the freezing of the dashboard at least once while using.
Apart from that the screen is way too laggy in map mode and not snappy like a smartphone.
Even low end 10k smartphones display are super snappy and responsive.

So the processor used for the Ather dashboard should be upgraded to a proper one to make the screen snappy and much responsive to avoid any frequent errors like screen freezing !!


@ather.team also apart from freezing, i cant even use the map to search in bike like a smartphone.

It’s completely useless and laggy !!

Call Customer care and raise a ticket. Firmware of the dashboard will be updated and the freezing issue, map navigation will be fixed. The service team will take 15-20 mins max for this service.


Not just mine, in any Ather, you can’t freely choose a place in map or for searching, it’s useless and just a simple touch takes 1 second to respond.

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Pin dropping feature on the vehicle will come soon.

I would also like to add a point, once you choose a destination you cant look ahead or minimize to see where turns come ahead also rerouting doesn’t happen on the go like in google maps you have to select to reroute which is annoying.

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It’s not true, you can minimize , zoom or swipe any any place even after the destination selected. But the response is not fast as Google map

Doesn’t work for me.

There is a round button with 4 arrows on the left of the map screen. Press that and you can scroll or pinch zoom.

This is one of the items we heard was being fixed in the next OTA as part of stabilization and enhancements.


You mean I have a latest update?

Below was my observation few days back

Software Version no is

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You have the latest update.

I see a trend with this observation being reported by those using the DOT and not the old charger. I am guessing this is the DOT searching for a possible OTA update.

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Today while coming back from office the dashboard got freezed while riding And today for the first time after getting ather I tried to reach top speed of 70. Is it the reason for dashboard getting freezed ?
And any solution for this ?

Closing this since the dashboard on the 450X has been upgraded to a Snapdragon one.

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