Dark Theme

Is it just me or has the forum switched to a white theme and now cannot change themes?

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How did you change ??

Yup, tried everything to change back, then realised there is something wrong.

The forum has a dark theme?? Mine has always been white.

mine is still running in Dark theme…
Ohh no… Tried to open incognito…its light theme automatically

Material Design theme (white+green) is the normal theme. there was one more White+ Blue theme called Default. The dark theme was an option that user could set. I’ve used both at times. Although the dark theme is my preferred theme (in any app not just Ather forum) there were some minor bugs and hence I’d used the bright theme more than the dark theme. I’d actually brought this to Ather team’s notice…hopefully the reason behind not seeing that option now is Ather working on those minor fixes :crossed_fingers:


Option to change theme missing under preferences

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Have enabled the dark theme, it still has some bugs as it’s a generic theme and not customised for usage.
You should be able to select it now, however.



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Did the font just change ?? On the forum ?

Forum is drunk? What’s really happening?

I guess they’ve updated it. Lot of things are different. Access to your dashboard and everything is included in the forum now. I wish they just had a separate app.

I don’t like it. It’s all cluttered. Old one was better. They really should integrate it into the app.


I am working on it … if you are iPhone Ios 13 user pm me

Yes font changed

There was an update we did to the forum yesterday. Didn’t know the UI would change this much. Checking this with the UX team, should get some parts restored back to the older version.