Daily Commute of 80km one side 40km

As anyone experienced daily commutate of long 80km both side from source to destination.Please share your experience.

My friend used to do it with Ather 450. If going in a ride mode, he would finish trip on single digit SoC.

If done on Speed mode without limits, he used to top up for 10 minutes on the way in Ather grid.


My daily traveling is 100 km My home to my college is 50 km And 50 km return .I charge my bike while returning home i charge my bike for half and hour and then return home.I always drive in sports mode . Maintaining 60kmph speed . No problem yet. My ride to college is now ease due to new grid in panvel so I can charge my bike in free lectures​:hugs::hugs::hugs:


@kesavanand084 Daily ride 80 Kms, 40 km single side, always use wrap mode and soc remains apx 9% after returning home. Its depend on weight, pillion rider and road condition, inclines, and more importantly patience