Custom dark/light mode timings

I would like to suggest and feature which I believe is very useful.

As Ather has Auto dark mode enabled in it, which gets activated after 6PM. As I am using my Ather 450 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Here in east side night falls before 5:30PM. By 5:30 PM its full dark. So if Ather is planning to sell across India it should add time option for dark mode to enable. It will be really helpful as I always do it manually by 5:30 PM.

Great suggestion! Converted this to a feature request, so other users can vote on this.


its a basic necessary feature.

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But what is in rany season these days are cloudy, please make light sencer like revolt rv400

If I am not wrong. The initial prototypes of ather had a sensor but in final product they did not include it and the same design is carried over to 450x

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I have left it at custom setting of DARK always. :grinning: