Cruise Control Feature and Hazard Light 🚨 feature in 6.0 Update

Hi guys I think we Should have Cruise control features at low speed with Hazard Lights Option or whenever we are in Cruise control Hazard Light should on. Ather is not interested in Cruise control atleast they should give a hazard Light option with sound if possible. What do you think guys.

Can anyone tell how to make a vote guide for this feature im new to this platform if anyone can guide then I will be very thankful.


Ather wishes to release CityCruise but trademark is objected and pending at MCI.

Cruise at low speed :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ? Why? Cruise was made a feature in automobiles so that at high speeds the driver does not have to hold accelerator steadily for long duration to avoid fatigue and afaik in many vehicles CC doesn’t even activate below the speed of 35-40 Kmph.

Hazard lights are for hazards only or to make drivers behind you aware that you are doing something abnormal (like reversing on a single direction road) activity. PLEASE do not use it in any non-hazard situations, esp. for enjoyment during riding :pray: :pray:


Hazard lights need a dedicated switch and won’t be a part of the existing lineup. (Ather said it)

Maybe in Rizta, maybe.

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Whats the real use of hazard lights and ehy do you need it while cruising and more over why do you need cruise control for low speeds ?


I dont understand why more interest in cruise control when Coasting Regen should be more important.


I can understand your spirit but thats not what hazard lights are used for so that would be abusing of road rules.


Yes low speed is correct as Ather Ceo told that for Cruise Control safety is big concern as still some sensors are not there in Ather so if they give cruise speed of 40 then it will be very nice experience for long ride.

yes, he said cruise is a safety concern because the traditionally brake switch is used to detect braking and to kill cruise control are prone to failure.

Cruise control as a feature is meant to be used in highways where you have straight long roads and you just have to accelerate without braking. Do you intend to drive in highways at 30-40 Kmph speed?


Yes because normally if I cruise at 50 or 60 my Ather starts to drain battery quickly and my w/h also increases but if they give more speed Cruise Control then it is very good but it will make motor Hot and at speed if anything gets wrong like sometimes autohold does not quit if that happens at high speed than stopping the Ather will be not that easy as still hardware fitted in this scooter is not properly optimised im using latest version still having lags and sometimes using reverse mode my scooty goes forward so yes it’s kind of risky so safer side is ride at 50 60 max speed ,correct me if I’m Wrong.


Driving at high speed will drain battery faster that is a understood thing. I have driven my Gen 3.1 on highways at max speed 90Kmph in summers, never faced any issue with motor or battery heat.

autohold starts, afaik, when vehicle stops and detects crawling so motor turns reverse to it to counter balance. Autohold at high speed, I didn’t understood what you meant.

Also, cruise control is coming, Ather has filed for trademark of word “CityCruise” with MCI back in july and is currently in objected status. So safe to say it is coming don’t know what shape or form.

Cruise Control is Possible on Gen 3 Variants with Switch Gear

As far as I heard, Ather working on Making Switch Gear Compatible with Old Variants

Until Ather Community Day '24 Nothing We can Surely Say :thinking::green_heart:

But Something Ather Cooking well But I can’t Reveal that Now

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Purchased Gen 3 in August for 1,89,000 then family purchased Gen 3.1 with switch gear and regen in December for 1,77,000. The grass that Ather is smoking is too strong. Hope they give it to everyone on the community day.

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meanwhile OLA and Access keeping hazard lights alwys onn to look cool :joy:

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This Community Day '24 will not Disappoint us Bro :vulcan_salute:

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I’m not telling that it should use feature of auto hold im telling that there should be individual feature like auto hold in our menu.

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