Crawl Control

This topic is for discussing the teased feature : Crawl Mode Any ideas as to what this would be? I believe it to be something like park assist speed when you just want to move the scooter from one place to another, but park assist already does that.

But the most interesting idea I researched and found is Crawl Control by Toyota: Toyota’s Crawl Control system uses sensors to judge driving conditions and adjusts the vehicle’s operation to meet them. This includes acceleration and braking to each wheel. Toyota says that the feature is especially useful in situations such as soft sand, where it’s easy for a vehicle to dig in. Since the vehicle can individually brake and drive each wheel, it can climb out much more easily than with (4WD) alone.

Basically suggesting that using sensors and auto braking of both wheels it makes off-roading or rough terrain riding easier and with Indian rough roads this is probably a real benefit for us. What do you guys think?


I think crawl control may be similar hill decent assist which may control speed of the scooter down the slope by using regen actively without twisting the throttle in opposite. Which may charge the scooter during the down hill in a better way.


I think it’s the mode like cruise control but low speed to minimise drain helping reach a charging place.


I believe the crawl activates when the scooty energy/battery level is almost exhausted, say from 20% battery level, to protect the lithium ion battery while the user looks for charging points. It could be similar to mobile charging warning arpund 15% battery level. It is my humble wild guess😅


haha let me chime in also. i’m fairly confident Crawl would be something similar to what automatic cars have: when u leave the brakes, car starts moving automatically up until the speed of 4-5km/h. makes it easy to drive in stop and go traffic since you don’t need to constantly change pedals. u leave the brake and the car automatically crawls ahead.


Seems likely


Chetak electric, has crawl mode - can be looked upon internet.

Just my perception that it could be where your vehicle doesn’t die & stand still when 0%.

It simply gives you 1-2kmph speed on throttle, note that’s crawling effect :grin:.

Maybe towing won’t be needed as you can push the vehicle to nearest charging.


this seems more likely, since it would be unsafe and difficult to balance if the scooter moves by itself.

eitherway I hope they do implement something this sort. our scooters have a huge reserve % in comparison to most - this would be a good and safe way to utilize that in case of emergencies!


Crawl mode might be like a limp mode in Vida V1 which will be activated when battery percentage goes below 5% and speed will be capped at 10 kmph there by providing some extra travel distance if you are near by your destination.


Crawl control is nothing but Low speed Cruise Control. It’s an evolution of the Park Assist mode we already have on our Athers.

This would help in slow moving traffic or road sections that are really bad. The scooters takes care of maintaining a certain speed while the riders have to navigate and balance.

Typically I’ve seen this Crawl Control in vehicles with off-roading capabilities. Looking forward to see it in a two wheeler


And i suppose it will be easy to get off beach sand or slush with this mode. Otherwise the wheels will just spin out deeper in such situations.


So basically something similar to traction control in cars? I’ve always resorted to forward park assist to get out of sand and mud without wheel spin. Looking forward to this feature.


Would like to add my two bits to this, Since the autohold feature has been introduced (which engages when you leave the brakes on a incline)so, if you were in traffic on an incline wouldn’t it cause the vehicle to just start moving forward instead of keeping it at a standstill? It almost cancels out the autohold feature. So, the ghost acceleration of 4-5 kmph seems unlikely.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


yeah you’re right, makes sense

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I guess this crawl feature is use whn the tyres are flat for eg the scooter will crawl at 5 kmph which giving it the throttle

If I am not wrong it ‘crawl control’ not crawl mode…

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These two can be use cases but the crawl control was designed for low speed riding in traffic

You left one important point for Autohold…it engages when you leave the brakes on an incline after the vehicle has come to a standstill.

While Autohold is automatic as the name itself suggests, Crawl control has to be engaged by the rider like park assist or cruise control


But again as @Ram_prasad has said

That’s a valid point too