Community lowest

Can please anybody explain me what is the badge “community lowest 22” refers ? Is that something nice or not so nice !!


Wh/km is a measure of efficiency, and lower the number the better! So yes, it is a good practice to keep this number low, if you are tracking it for your rides. And 22 is the best that has been achieved within the community of Ather owners.

P.S.: I still don’t know why Ather prefers to not follow the SI convention for standard units and chooses to name it “WH/KM” in caps though… :slight_smile:


Its definitely something nice :slight_smile: It simply means someone had an efficiency of 22


How do I get this feature in my app?

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You can’t get it in your app. Ride log will be sent to your E-mail on 20th of every month. Ride log will include total traveled distance, units consumed, efficiency used in a month etc…

Thank you!

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Here, it says Community Best Efficiency is 22, whereas your efficiency is 38.

Thank you, also can please anyone send me the invite link for WhatsApp Mumbai

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I don’t get my monthly logs