Community Day 2024 ⚡ Are you coming? Let's Discuss together here

This Year Community Day isn’t happening on January :white_check_mark:

Maybe in February or March,

Let’s Wait till the Official Announcement

But We might Plan for that from Now itself :sweat_smile::handshake:


Well waiting for the typeform


I think This Time They are not doing Type Forum Thing :thinking:

Maybe Invite Only Event :clap:

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Let’s have an AMA then.

Ask Me Anything ?? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Then mostly Feb mid

Yeah I think So :slightly_smiling_face:

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Eagerly waiting

What’s new what’s new what’s gonna brake my heart :joy::joy: all this going thru my mind lol

I hope they roll out the invites soon. Was a new Ather owner and a big fan of the company during 2023 Community Day. The year has definitely calmed my expectations but I hope to be able to attend this year.

Tried to be active in the forum and end up on a guest list somewhere, but damn you guys are somehow more addicted to this website than I am :joy:

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I was active for 4 Months

And Most Topics Created No.1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Most Likes Received 7th

This Year I am sure I will visit All Days


I tried that last year itself, still somehow missed 13 days. The forum was down for 3+ days through the year, not sure where I missed anywhere else. I’m surprised some people were able to manage 365 even when the forum was down for a whole day one time.


Sometimes luck also matters:)

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My feature request of hazard light is most liked and requested and all. Felt good.


(post deleted by author)


Yeah Bro But We need to have some Limitations there

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Any updates about the ACDC 2024? I’m planning to visit BLR around 23rd Feb, don’t wanna miss out in case it happens :face_with_peeking_eye:

Waiting for @ryan to spill some beans for us on Community day :wink:

It won’t happen that soon. Maybe in May 2024.

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Yeah lot of the media outlets are suggesting the new scooter will be launched in mid 2024 at the community day, so May does seem pretty likely

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