Collector's edition Unveil

Hey @Series1-Pre-Orders,

We’re ready to show off the Collectors edition to all of you, this time in a virtual event. RSVP above to confirm, and we’ll send you a link to join the online unveil.

You have been our ardent supporter, amongst the first in the country to put your faith in us. You followed that faith with not just words of support but with a pre-order, without seeing the scooter, the specification, or the price.

The Ather 450X Collector’s Edition is a celebration of the catalysts like you, who are accelerating the shift to electric commute.

We are finally ready to unveil the much-awaited scooter and we want you to be the one of the first to see it.

Because you are so much more than just an Ather 450X owner.


2K+ invited. Does that mean there will be as many CEs out on the road? Sounds like a big number. Will there be options within CE to choose from? Excited to see what is in offer :slight_smile:!


That’s 2185 pre-orders, if the numbers show correctly! Great work Ather team! Like said on invite e-mail, 2000+ people followed you blindly to 450x even when only the name was revealed! Even though most had to drop off due to the premium pricing, the trust you earned follows your fame.


As much as I don’t want to disappoint you further, the number here is just the ones on the forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s exciting and disappointing at the same time. Exciting cuz there will be more of us. Disappointing cuz the delivery may be pushed further (delays in making more of us) :grin:

@abhishek.balaji - no sneak peeks of the unveil?

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I am one such follower. I didn’t have any info about Ather prior. While searching for electric bikes in Chennai, I bumped on 450. Never taken a test and without knowing any owner, I committed to get one. Looking at owners’ confidence in the forum, I don’t think I will regret. When a pandemic can’t deter the likability of 450X, I guess nothing can!!


Atleast you had experience center available and 450’s on Chennai road’s when X was initially announced… We non Bangalore/Chennai guys pre ordered X without Ather presence in our cities and without even seeing it directly.


True, we even couldn’t test drove 450s in Februari in Pune.

By d way, anyone know why every blog or news websites has the CE unveil date as 25th September? @abhishek.balaji

Bad reporting!! No fact check!! Event is on 26th only.

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We are having a separate session for the press today. But between them and us, we’ll be keeping everything under wraps until tomorrow morning, when you guys see it


Okay, we’ve got a lot of requests for more people to join in on the unveil! We pulled some strings and are able to accommodate a lot more of you for the online unveiling of the Collector’s edition.

So, head over to the link below and hit “Going” to confirm that you’re attending, and we’ll send you a link to join the event today. Join in, it’ll be worth it!

cc: @trust_level_1


Abhishek, I have replied to the Email on Day 1 but i haven’t received the invite as yet. Hope the event is happening as scheduled.

If you’ve already RSVP’d you’ll get the invite link by end of day today

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@abhishek.balaji You’re awesome! Thank you for this! :100:


Got the invite link​:grinning:. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Thank You! Finally received the confirmation email link. :grinning: :pray:t2:

I am very eagar to own 450X My best wishes!!!

Got the invite link… damn to much curious for collector’s edition… hope ather won’t disappoint…:slight_smile: