Collecting booking amount from cities where there is no dealers

Dear sir,

As there are no test ride available in my city, I prefer to opt out and request you to kindly refund my booking amount immediately. Details are as follows:

Ather 450X (WHITE)

See details +

Order #86239

Order date27th Mar 2021

Delivery date2021-03-31

Order statusPre-order done

It is really annoying that you are entertaining booking and conveniently takes up booking amount from the places/ cities wherein you don’t even have dealers!

There should be some business ethics for the initial startups like you! You have already cramped up subsidy amounts, making fools of people.


Dr Anil Bharti

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Sir, you ordered just under a week ago? There are people who have waited for over a year in their city with a pre order. Yes ather is not present in all cities in the country but the pre order is open across the country. The idea is to gauge the market and demand. The pre order amount is refundable. You can do so from the dashboard ( account on website) or by calling ather customer support.
There’s a reason it’s called a Pre- order.
You can see the list of cities that are set to open soon. If your city is in the list, you could wait.

By pre ordering you are getting a chance to get one of the first few scooters as soon as ather is available in your city. You can wait until ather is operational in your city and then order but the wait might be longer then. That’s why it’s clearly mentioned that it’s a refundable deposit.

Was this promised to you? Which city are you from sir ?


I ordered for Delhi a year back when 450X was launched. Have been waiting since then. I had booked the Normal Grey color Ather. But luckily and finally getting Series 1 on 11th April. 1st Ather of Delhi is going to be mine. So there is always a sweet side to the wait also. You might be the lucky one too. Hang in there buddy if the love for Ather made you book it. You won’t regret it for sure. :slight_smile:


1st one is already delivered.


Correct. But he is the one pushing the money in Ather as funding. So consider that as Ather number 0. I will consider myself to be the 1st as a middle class customer. :joy::joy:


I keep wondering what is that stuff under the rear wheel!

Dry leaf has fallen off a tree, Photographer should have picked it up before clicking.


Please share your contact number I need to discuss somthing Regarding Ather

Please check your mail box