Cold weather affects the efficiency?

Winters have arrived in Delhi and obviously its the best time to take long rides. But i have started noticing that the efficiency has started taking a hit. There is no change in my riding style and infact i am maintaining speed constantly with my throttle grip (jugaad cruise control) and also regenning the same old way.

The cooler the weather it’s reducing the efficiency. Does cold weather really affect the running efficiency? @abhishek.balaji


Hmm I have been noticing this a long time ago not only efficiency but the battery drain also gets effected during cold or rainy climate (current Chennai Position)

Usually the standby drain will be 4-5% and sometimes during a hot climate 5-8% but since it’s been raining from past month the standby drain as raised to 10% sometimes 12% on extremely cold day. But Delhi must be even worse there your temperature falls. Below 10 in winter.


Agreed. Not noticed the idle battery drain since I ride 1-2 times a week so it’s usually in a shutdown state. But while riding definitely its getting worse as its getting colder here. Dont know what’s in store during peak winters of December. Basically Ather should not be ridden in rain as it starts singing the squeek song because of the belt and now the efficiency in winters.

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It’s normal if the weather colder battery backup become low I think company have given to us more range because this range is not sufficient for us …