Coimbatore to Goa - November 2021 ⚡ 90% of Slow Charging + Red Alert Climate Ride

Reading Time : 15-20 Mins

Guys I spent around 7-8 Hours- Simultaneously checking my Gallery, Laptop, YouTube Vlog and My Memory to make this

Fell free to Drop Your Comments.

Lazy Me again, Posting things late is Normal in my Dictionary. Apologies for that before Entering into the Interesting Topic but Just a Bit Late.

Actually October 2021, Kochi’s Alan Sebastian took his Ather to a Long Ride to Leh Ladhak.

But Unfortunately He dropped after Reaching Manali and Returned to Goa by December Mid 2021. Then Courier his Ather to Kochi by Train.

Meanwhile I started my Goa Ride on 12/11/2021 and Finished by 21/11/2021. In 9 Days few Hours, I drove 1900 KMs.

Hence I am the First One to Finish Such a Long Ride on Ather.

Alan drove close to 4,500 KMs in 3 Months.

Now Entering into the Topic.

October 2021 : Newbie @chef.arun7 with the Ather 450x Gen 2. Planning a Long Ride i.e to Goa from Coimbatore by Two Way Riding I thought, We will wait till Ola’s 100k Hyper Charger and Do it Easy Peasy without even having a Knowledge of Charging Connectors etc.

Then I thought, If Fast Chargers everywhere anyone can do this - Why not we do it now by Doing Slow Chargins

I proposed this to Friends and Family, All I got was Critisism except One Friend.

And I started my Plans about this Ride.

My Ride Plan Screenshot for the Route : Coimbatore to Goa

You can see the Screenshot Details, It was taken on 10th October 2021.

I was doing the Plan while on Shift. The Same Day I proposed 10 Days Leave to my HR saying the Exact Reason and Got Approval Too.

Now Actually We will enter the Travelogue


Night, I am all set to Start my Ride next morning but Due to Red Alert Its raining like Hell

I have to do it Anyhow or Else, I be at Home Simply for Next 10 Days - So I decided to decide next morning after checking the Weather.

12/11/2021 - Day 1

Woke up at 6 AM to know that Its Still Raining, and Postponed for 2 Hrs

And Started by 8 AM from Home, Continued to Coimbatore

See In this Blog I will not mention about How Much I charged and How long it took to reach Next Place.

Because I forgot about those.

10 AM I left from Ather Space Coimbatore, To Palakkad - But By the Time We didnt have EC there. So I have to find a Place to Charge my Ather.

Reached Punjapadam and Stranded almost. Asked Help with a Carpenter Shop. He Helped me.

He went for Lunch still Hanged Junction Box out of His Shutter to Let me Charge.

After Charging Enough to Reach Malappuram I left his Place by 5 PM

Before that, A Selfie with Mr.Manikandan

Reached my Friend Home by 8:30 PM and Charged for a Hour + ½.

Left by 10 PM his Place and Towards my First and Last Fast Charging Grid after Coimbatore

i.e Ather Space Calicut

Reached Ather Space Calicut by 11:30 PM, I was so Sleepy and Drove very Slow

End of Day 01 - Expenses Details, I have 700 RS with me and also Whenever I ride, I mostly Dont Eat to Focus on My Ride

13/11/2021 - Day 2

After Reaching EC, There was a Search for A Better Place to make a Tent to Sleep.

Somehow Found a Place and Slept by 1 AM and Woke up by 7 AM to Depart from Calicut. Btw This is my First Ever Tent Stay.

Around 8 AM Started Towards Mahe for Next Slow Charging, And As usually Without knowing the Next Location of Charging. I started my Journey. But Hope, Kerala is well known for Respecting Riders.

After Taking Few Breaks, I entered MAHE PONDICHERRY by 10:15 AM

Started Searching for a Place to Charge. Then I saw a KTM Showroom, I asked the Boys there. They first hesitated and 5 Mins Later agreed to Charge from Security Cabin.

Around 2:30 PM My Vehicle got Full.

Security Uncle helped me spend 4 Hours without Boring

Started Towards Kannur

Reached BENLG Showroom in Kannur. Owner was about to Leave but He stayed till 9 PM to Accompany me. Also He opened his Unoccupied Shop to let me Charge my Scooter.

Around 7 PM, I took their BENLG Scooter for a Spin. By 8 o clock We Planned to Leave but It Started Raining. As I said Earlier 12/11/21 to 17/12/21 was Red Alert in North Kerala, Coastal Karnataka and Goa

So We waited till it stop but 9 PM Still Pours. After 9 It slowed Down. I decided to Ride thru Rain and Change Dress at Kasaragod Charging Halt

(Taken this Vehicle for a Spin)

While Cruising thru Rain and In between I stopped at a Roadside Shop. Where Young Champs running it. I bought a Tea and Bite. After a Quick Chat and Ride Plan, My Boys refused to Take Money from Me

But I followed them on Insta, now We are Friends.

Still I follow Mr. Das Mexico aka Krishna Das

After that Rain Poured like Waterfalls, I am all Wet and Reached a Petrol Station by 12 AM, Made Tent and Slept. In that Moment Not me, Nobody will use Phone or Take Photos

Day 02 - Expense

YouTube Vlog of Day 2 :

14/11/2021 - Day 3

Morning 3:30 AM, I woke up and Decided to Reach Mangalore. Because My Plan was to Reach Mangalore by Midnight. So Packed Everything and Left the Space by 4 AM.

Reached Mangalore 06:15 AM and Found Mahindra Small Comercial Vehicle Showroom

Started Charging by 6:30 AM

And It got full by 10 AM

Next Stop Plan was at Udupi

While Riding thru Highway, Two fellas stopped in middle of the Highway and Queried about Vehicle + My Ride Plan. Yeah, Another Selfie

Reached Udupi by 12:10 PM and Asked help in a Water Wash Station

After Udupi I noticed Tollgate ( Batki ) and Decided use the Tollgate Restrooms Plug Point.

After this I didn’t take Pictures. Because of Heavy Rain

I tried asking Help in Kumta But People there refused to Help since its 10 PM and Kind of Rural Part. But The same refused people made my Next Day Awesome. Sadly This Night Well Very Sad Day of my Ride

Day 3 Expenses:

YouTube Vlog 3 :

15/11/2021 Day 4

Last Night I stranded in Rain, with Less SoC I went downhill of 100 Mtrs and Dried My Vehicle, Then Pushed it to Road and Exhausted. Sadly My Water Bottle was Empty and Two Strangers saw me struggle and Bought me a Water Bottle. After Drinking that, I came back to Normal. Rain Poured like Hell. No One was there to Help, Vehicle SoC 0%

I parked My Vehicle Infront of Honda Showroom, Kumta and Made Tent in their Parking and Slept. 99% Cloths Wet and Only One Set of Dress left. That Too I kept in my Laptop Bag

15th Morning, Nandhish - 21 Year Old By that Time. He is so much worried about me and 7 AM Itself He made a Rescue Mission on me. He found my Vehicle but not me.

Nandhish , Mr. and Mrs.RN Hegde was Really Worried about myself So much. And Nandhish saw my YouTube Logo on my Vehicle. Then Came to know about my Green Ride 2021

He commented their Number on it but YouTube algorithm took it down. Then I woke up, I went to Search for Charging Help. Found a Help and Plugged my Scooter.

A Young College guy, Prathwik convinced his Mom to help me Charging.

Prathwik’s Home

Plot Twist:

I was coming out of Prathwik’s Home and I am planning to go for Breakfast.

A Voice from my Back said, “ Arun, Sorry We can’t help you in the Night”. I got scared - How did they know my Name Man. Maybe I left Purse or Something in their House Outside.

I turned to know, There were 3-4 Family of Neighbours standing. I thought, Okay We are going to Police Station

But All of them said Sorry and Explained about Ter**rism Issues and A B*mb Blast Happened in that Place Month ago.

Then Pleased me to Join for Breakfast and Asked to Take Bath in their Home

(I attached clips in my Vlog Video - Watch it)

Around 12:30 PM I started from Komta, Karnataka to Karwar, Karnataka

And Reached Karwar by 2:30 PM, Then Charged in Off Road Car Mechanical Shop

Around 6 PM started from Karwar and Reached Canacona by 7:15 PM. Actually I have enough Charge to Reach South Goa But I was in Doubt of Route Because a Small Hilly Road is there before South Goa.

So Make Sure I stopped here and Charged till 9:30 PM

A Granite Shop named Mahadev Marble, The Owner was Really Friendly and Been to Coimbatore+ He spoke Tamil

His Hospitality melt me and He gave me a Rope Cot for Power Nap

I forgot to Ask his Name, But He is really a Good Man

Then Again Horror Begins

I afraid of Dark and Now I am doing Solo Ride, Still I am riding - thats the one thing keep me Going

Was riding thru Ghats Road of Goa and There was a Cafe in there. Had a Big Cup of Coffee.

The Restaurant guy went mad when I asked a Cup of Coffee by 10 PM. He may thought like, Who is this Fool asking for a Coffee in Goa this Time

Then Continued Moving, Around 35 KMs left to Panjim But Already I am about to Sleep While Riding

So I Called my Friend and Connected Bluetooth, Spoke with him till 30 KMs

5 KMs left, Vehicle is about to Die and Disconnected the Call. Then I focused on Riding. Reached Hotel with 0% SoC.

By Night Itself called RSA and Booked a Tow for Morning.

Day 4 - Expenses:

(A Friend of Mine Returned Some Amount, With that Inly I planned this Ride)

YouTube Day - 4 Vlog :

16/11/2021 Day 5

Morning I woke up and I asked RSA by 9 AM but They came by 7 AM Itself

Loading and Document Process took around 20 Mins

Loaded Vehicle Safely, This is my Second RSA and First Time on Big Vehicle. (First Time was 3rd Day of Delivery - Reached Grid with 5% and Grid Fluctuations So Took it to SC for Charging)

After Loading, 4 KMs Ride to Peeps Kitchen Grid

Reached Grid by 7:30 AM and Charged for 30 Mins. Then Started Back To Hotel and Freshed Up to go see Ather EC People.

Reached Back Hotel and Washed Wet Cloths, Hanged to Dry. Around 11:30 AM I started towards Ather Goa EC and Reached by 12:15 PM

I asked them for Water Wash But They didnt have Service Because Thats just a month old EC By that Time

Still They had a Contract Service Station nearby to Water Wash the New Vehicles in Need.

Actually I communicated with Eashan (Sales Team) about my Travel and Etc. and He is not just an Employee, He is an Atherite too. Currently (2024) He is not working there

Eshan : @Eshan.Speedesh

After That I went to Roam Baga and Calangute

Purchased Rain Gears and Waterproof Cover for my Luggage Bag in Decathlon. But No Rain on my Return

Around 4 PM I met a Aprillia Boys Gang and They drove my Ather for Test Ride Clips in Vlog Video

The Happy Thing is I am in Contact with Ravi Aprillia (Orange Tshirt Guy) even now. I met him after that 4 Times on my Visit to Goa

Clicked on my Previous Visit: 14/08/2023

Reached Back Ather Space Goa and Made Memories with the Goa EC Team

They were really Great and Excited about my Journey. Asked a Lot of Queries and Pictures for their Future Reference to the New Customers.

Now I am all set to Move on. Return Ride

Before that, A Small Celebration

Yeah Solo Ride meant to be Celebrated Solo

Bought 2 Budweiser Magnum Tins and 3 Pizza Mania, Domino’s

Slept Really Well

Day 5 - Expenses

YouTube Vlog, Day 5 :

17/11/2021 - Day 6

Day started with a Good Chat with my Home Stay Owner and Came to know He is Tamil

And Took a Selfie, Then Left with a Good Bye

Trip A Meter from my Home till Goa + Local Rides

Picture with my Stay :slight_smile:

Final Good Bye to Goa

Stopped at Peeps Kitchen Ather Grid to Charge 100% to Reach Canacona Safely

Started with 100% from Peeps Kitchen Grid by 12 PM

Reached Mahadev Marble by 1:45 PM

Around 5:45 PM Vehicle charged 100%, I was Ready to Wheee But Goa Police came for Rounds and Found my Tamilnadu Registration EV Vehicle

They asked me about Ride and Vehicle, Then Left

After this I reached Ankola Toll Gate for Charging by 8 PM and Charged for a Hour to Reach Kumta Safely.

Charged till 9:15 PM and Started Towards Kumta

End of the Day, I reached Komta by 10:30 PM to Mr and Mrs. RN Hegde’s Home for Night Stay

They kept everything ready for me, Bed Water Fruit But I said - I am comfortable with my Tent. But They melted me with their Hospitality (Watch the Vlog to see the Clips)

Day 6 - Expenses

YouTube Vlog - Day 6

18/11/2021 Day 7 of the Ride

I planned to start by 3 AM but 15 Mins Delayed and Started by 3:15 AM towards Bhatkal Tollgate

Approximately Its 75 KMs and Early Morning Sleepy Ride So Covered 35 KMs Per Hour

Reached Bhatkal Tollgate by 5:15 AM

Whats more beautiful than a Lovely Sky - Nothing

Left Bhatkal by 8:30 to 9 AM. Reached Udupi Water Wash Service Center by 10:30 AM

The Same Place I charged while going.

Vehicle got Full by 2 PM, Since I started with 25% SoC

Now Heading Towards Mangalore, This Time instead of Mahindra Small Comercial Vehicle Showroom - I decided to Charge in Okninawa Showroom.

Because This is the On Route Charger for me. Since I am taking Different Route after Mangalore

Young Team always Supportive and Encouraging such a Rides. They melted as usual with Hospitality

I want to go Mangalore One more time to have this Mangalorean Buns

After this My Plan was to go Puttur and Spoke with a Honda Showroom. But Once I reach there by 9 PM , No Plug Points in Outside of the Premises. This Wasted my 30 Mins. By 9:30 PM I found a Gas Bunk. I charged There till 11 PM

By 11 PM, They closed Gas Bunk too. And Was Roaming here and there to Find an Auto Upholstery Shop Onwer. Who was very Polite and Humble. His Actions shown me Whats the Meaning of Dakshina Kannada Location

I started Charging by 11:45 PM and around 1 AM I left this Place

Day 7 Expenses:

YouTube Vlog - Day 7

19/11/2021 - Day 8

I don’t even go to Bathroom alone in Night Time :joy: (jff) But I went thru Dark Ghats of the Sampage, Karnataka Route

Reached Sampage 24/7 Indian Oil Petrol Station by 2:45 AM and Between this Ride I took a 15 Mins Break in a Tea Shop :hugs:

After that I went for a Power Nap :sleeping::sleepy: on the Floor

Around 6 AM Woke Up, Brushed and Freshed

Then Around 6:30 AM Started Towards my Anni Home :grin: Where I am curious to meet my Son and Daughter :v:t2:

Around 7 AM Crossed a Beautiful Venue and Small Water Falls

Around 7:30 AM crossed Thala Cauvery - Birth Place of Cauvery River

After this I focused on Ride, by 8:30 AM Reached 4 KMs Close to my Anni Home and Dried my Vehicle :joy::rofl:

Then Charged in a Rice Shop for 30 Mins :face_with_peeking_eye: And Continued my Ride :wink: Adventurous Dude Adventurous :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Reached Home by 9:15 AM and I say, It was one of the Best Day of 2021 to me. I really had fun with my Little Ones.

Explored Our Coffee Plantations

After Exploring I went to Sleep :sleepy::sleeping:

I woke up by 4 PM and Washed my Ather :sweat_drops::ocean:

After that, I decided to Clean My Ather. He was so Dirty.

Also from my Purchase, Personally I never did Water wash in Outside Water Wash Stations.

Played with Water. Ather is Clean and I became Dirty. So I went for a Bath. Now Its almost 5 PM.

Lunch by 5 PM

After Lunch, Me and My Kids went for A Walk - They took me to Awesome Places

Jesik wished to Sleep Inside the Tent. So Wheee made it

It took almost 15 Mins to Complete

A Happy Kid

And We cook Pork Meat Outside House Only. So Thats Wood Stove. A Warm Place and My Favorite Meet.

That too, My Anni cooks Coorgi Pork Fry better than Me. Around 8 Clock had Dinner with Homemade Pineapple Wine and Barley Water

Selfie with Family After Dinner

And a Good Night

Day 8 - Expenses

YouTube Vlog - Day 8

20/11/2021 - Day 9

Early Morning I planned to Leave and Only Left by 6:20 AM



Anni Packed a Tiffin Box of Breakfast for Me :v:t2:

After taking 2-3 Breaks for a Hr and Reached Tholpetty Excise Duty Check Post

Left by 12:15 PM towards Sultan Bhatery and This Route was Under Maintenance - Worst Route ra Boy.

Around 1:45 PM I reached the Destination But It took 20-25 Mins to Find a Place to Charge. Finally a Detailing Shop Guy helped me and He also joined as a Pillion till Gudalur.

6:15 PM We left and Reached Gudalur by 7:30 PM

Found a Ice Factory to Charge.

Charged for a Hour and Power went of by 8:30 PM and I left towards Ooty in thought of Reaching Some other Place.

The Same, I reached Naduvattam and No One is there because Its 10 PM

And I reached to Police Station, And Charged from their Old Station Building Plug by 11:30 PM

I reached here with Below 10% SOC. Police A2 Gave me 2 ½ Hours Time to Charge and Asked me to Leave by 2 AM

Day 9 Expenses:

YouTube Vlog of the Day 9 :

21/11/2021 - Day 10

Around 1:30 AM Itself A2 asked me to Leave Due to Some Rounds Issue. I was with 60% SoC

After Naduvattam till Ooty Bus Stand I wont be able find anyone on this time. Even Knowing it, I started my Ride Blindly Trusting my Ather.

Temperature was Freezing

After 5 KMs I started feeling my Hands Freezing, So Stopped to Put my Winter Gloves

By 2:30 AM I reached Thala Gunda, So Now I am Entering Ooty City Routes. No One will be there but Still I crossed Deep Forest Routes. Even If Vehicle Breaks down I don’t have to Worry.

Now I left with 13% SoC and 10 KMs Range. But Still I have to Reach 25 KMs. Still I managed to Reach that 25 KMs.

From Thalakuntha to Coonor - 25 KMs

But I have to Reach 10 KMs first, Thats Kathy Valley View

After that 14 KMs Complete Downhill, Due to Heavy Cold I didn’t Record anything beyond this Place.

I reached Kethy Valley View consuming 11% SoC

Now I have to Go 15 KMs, But 14 KMs Downhill Even with 0% Anyone can Travel this Distance

It took 1 Hour to Reach 10 KMs, Because I drove very Slow to Conserve Energy

Reach Kethy by 3:30 AM and Next 14 KMs within 20 Mins

Without Loss of Energy, Plus Regenerated 2%

After that Around 1.5 KMs I have to Ride with 4% But There is a Steepy Road to Reach my Destination. Before 200 KMs It got Dried + I am not sure about the Hotel Location.

There was a 50 Meter Steep, I blindly Climbed it Hoping its my Destination. As Expected It was my Stay.

Actually The Stay was Provided my Our Ather Gen 2 450x User Mr.Vishnu ( @vishnucnr) This is Our First Meet and Informed him

He Already spoke to his Manager regarding my Arrival. Plugged my Vehicle and Left it for Charge. It almost 4:15 AM Now

I went to Sleep and Planned to Wake up by 7:30 AM but It was 8:30 AM. When I woke, Vishnu Bro was waiting for me to Wake. Freshed up and Packed my Bag.

8:55 AM Took Picture with Coonor’s First Ather

Finally A Homely Tamilnadu Style Breakfast in Coonor. By 9:30 AM I took a Bye Bye Selfie with @vishnucnr and Left

I started with 98% from Coonor and Reached Halfway - Burliar Check Post with 96% SoC covered 17 KMs

Next 6 KMs to Ooty Hill Base, Spent 15 Mins but No SoC Loss. With 96% I reached Hill Base.

Next Stop was Ather Space Coimbatore - Ram Nagar

Reached by 12 PM.

After Looooooong Gap using Ather Grid after Peeps Kitchen Goa - Ather Grid

Mr.Nandha from Sales Team. My Product Sales Executive.

And Ather Sales Team celebrated this Achievement+ My Birthday by Cutting a Cake

After this I went to Celebrate my Birthday with my Best Friend (Right now She is my Wifey)

After Spending Few Hours, I left Coimbatore by 5:20 PM, From Coimbatore till Perumanallur 48 KMs My Best Friend joined with me. Reached Avinashi Ather Grid by 6:10 PM. 20 KMs to go my Home

After Charging for 30 Mins, by 7:40 PM Started Towards my Home. Around 7:10 I reached Home


Day 10 Expenses:

YouTube Vlog: Day 10

Trip Meter Pictures :

Trip A : to Goa

Trip B : to Coimbatore

Trip A² : Up and Down

Overall Expenses :

4,013 + 1,967 = 5980 RS

Hence Proved, Travelling is not Expensive 🫰🏻

Glimpse of my Whole Ride :


I was all set to Report to my Work

Before :

After :


I usually Donate Blood on my Birthday Week


First ever Community Meet for the Coimbatore Community :slight_smile:

Assembled in EC by 5 PM and Inside Customer Lounge We discussed about my Goa Ride.

By 6 PM, We left for a Ride to Coimbatore Race Course - 5 KMs :grin:

Reached by 6:30 PM

And Had Some Coffee Snacks


And We left

Thanks for such a Machine @tarun @swapnil.iitm


Woah, that super awesome !


Thank You Ravi, Actually I thought to write it by Jan 2022 But Great Things Take Time na :face_with_peeking_eye: :sweat_smile:

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DAMN!!:100::fire: So cool

Driving 1900 kms on an EV that has limited range is an extremely challenging task. There are lots of uncertainties along the way. Your passion for EVs shines through your achievement.

You have created a record in Indian 2W EV history. Great job!! Amazing travelogue.


In 2022, I did 3000 KMs Delhi Ride too on Same Vehicle

Tqsm for the Appreciation :green_heart:


3000 kms on Ather 450x? Oh My God!! I think that’s a world record. I hope to meet you in-person sometime in near future.


Haha Yeah, Planned Two but Due to Health Issue. I made Return Ride by Train. And Packed my Vehicle along with me

Another Plan is cooking for this Summer. That will be Registered on India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records :hugs:

Will be announced on ACDC 2024 :zap: