Coimbatore to Bangalore Ride (Started by 27/04/22 1:15 PM and Completed by 01/05/22 3:15 AM) Will Update further Later!

Hey Atherties , I hope everyone is Warping Safe

I am Planning a Ride to Bangalore via Ooty Mysore

  1. My Home (12 PM Start)
  2. Mettupalayam (2 PM Halt - 3.30 Hrs Charging - 5.30 Depart)
  3. Coonor (8 PM Reach and Halt)

Next Day Early Morning 5 AM , I will wake and Start Ride

Then I will Reach Gundulpete by 7-7.30 AM

  1. Gundulpete 7:30 AM ( Charging till 11-11.30 AM)

Then Depart by 11:30 AM

  1. Mysore (1 PM Reaching - Till 3 PM Charging)

Then Depart to Maddur by 3 PM and I will there by 5 PM.

Now What i need is ,

Is there anyone lives around

  1. Gundulpete


  1. Maddur

Waiting for Reply ,

Ather450x ARun :zap:

Ride Blog : :point_left:

Day 1

Started ride by 1:15 PM from my Home.

Reached Avinashi Charging Grid by 1:40 PM (20 KMs) SoC 73%

Charged for 15 Mins and Started ride towards Mettupalayam with 83% Charge by 2 PM

And Reach Mettupalayam by 3:10 PM with 33% SoC and Covered 42 KMs from Avinashi Grid.

Now Charging with Dot Charger , Started Charging by 3:15 PM :zap: But 3:25 Power Gone :rofl: and Waiting now

Power Back by 3:40 PM and Now Charging !!

After Power Back , Charged till 5:45 PM (81%)

I started Moving to Coonor , And Reached Coonor by 7:30 PM (30 KMs including 20 KMs High Incline Ghats Road)

End of the Ride SoC 10%

Then I reached One of our Ather450x User Named Mr.Vishnu Ravi , Lives in Coonor.

There I Plugged for Charging. Then Slept.

Day 2

I supposed to wake up by 4 AM , Then I deiced to Wake by 4:30 AM

But I woke by 6:30 AM :rofl:

Then I started Riding towars Gudalor (70 Kms)

Includes 30 KMs High incline, 10 KMs Flat and 30 KMs Down hill.

Safely I reached almost near to Mudhumalai Tiger Reserve by 9:45 AM with SoC 15 Now Charging the Vehicle.

Then I will Start my ride towards by 1:15 PM from Here.

In between this , Little bit walked to Mudhumalai Tiger Reserve

I started my Ride by 1:30 PM via Mudhumalai Tiger Reserve , There i chased by An Elephant :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Later 3 PM I reached Gundulpete 45 KMs ride but It was via Hillstation

Then I asked help at a Komali Ev Showroom , The Owner said Yes for that then Charged for 1 hr 15 mins since i hade 40% Already

After 1 hr 15 Mins Charged till 75%

After that by 4:15 PM I started Journey to Mall of Mysure - There we have our Grid. by 5:45 PM I reached Mall of Mysore 55 KMs from Gundulpete. Reached here with 3% Soc :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: A Bit Rash drive tho

Here I charged for 15 Mins , It went like 3% to 22% in 15 Mins.

By 6 PM I started towards Ather Space Mysore and Reached by 6:20 PM , 10 KMs inside the City. After reaching there , Soc was 10%.

Then Started Charging by 6:30 PM after a Small Weighting.