Chennai Group Ride

Hey Jeremie , that’s great news :grinning:. Ather does the installation of DOT and takes care of the pairing but since you took the DOT in hand during delivery there has been a slight delay in mapping your Ather with the DOT. Good to know the installation and charging has been sorted out and you are enjoying your ride :wink:. Auroville Is the best place for EV’s and I had real fun time riding my Ather during last visit. Will plan again very soon with few more Ather’s from chennai until then enjoy riding and keep envying others with your Ather :stuck_out_tongue:.


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Chennai group ride #6

6th Ather Group Ride

Afternoon Ride : Dec 22 Sunday
Assemble Time : 1.00Pm
Start Time : 1.30Pm
Ride Distance : 30 :arrow_up: + 30 :arrow_down: = :repeat: 60Km
Duration : 6 Hours - 6.5 Hours
Start Point : @ Works Guindy
Destination : ECR Muthukadu Backwaters :pushpin:

Ride Route :

:checkered_flag: :motorcycle: @Works - Kathipara Flyover service road - Anna Salai - Little mount metro - Anna university - Madhya Kailash - Tidel Park left - Ecr - Madras Square - Muthukadu :motorcycle::walking_man::construction::end:


It was great fun.Right way to spend a Sunday and kick my range anxiety out of the way.


What a treat to the eyes in watching Ather assembles all of our souls together


Hi Chennai Group Riders!

I would like to support in the charging locations apart from the ather grid for the charging needs.

I have good contacts with the commercial places in Chennai.

So it will be helpful for charging in your rides!

Ride Ather! Save Environment!



Hi I would like to join for the future rides. If you have a WhatsApp Group or something please add me

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Hi i will get my dream ather this month How can i join ather WhatsApp travel group My mobile No. 9884469276

Hi kindly add me in group number 9444230564

Hi, I have pre order Ather 450, I am about to make payment before that I want to have a look and feel of the vehicle. Not to make any mistake and repent later. I stay near Medavakkam. Pls let me know anyone from this community who is in and around medavakkam to help me with this. Thanks in advance

Ride #15

Early Morning Ride : Sep 6th Sunday

Start Location : Ather Space

Assemble Time : 4am

Start Time : 4.30am

Ride Distance : 30 :arrow_up: + 30 :arrow_down: = :repeat: 60Km

Duration : 3 - 4 Hours

Destination : ECR Uthandi Beach :pushpin:

Ride Route :

:checkered_flag: :motorcycle: Ather Space - Anna Flyover - Music Academy - Savera - Mahatma Gandhi Statue - Santhome Church - MRC - Jesus Calls - Mgr Janaki College - Durgabai Deshmuk Road - Thiru Vi Ka Bridge - Besant Avenue Road - RE Showroom - Varadachari Rd - MG Road - LB Road - S2 Cinemas - ECR - Uthandi Beach. :motorcycle::walking_man::construction::end:

Wear Helmet :rescue_worker_helmet:

Wear Mask :mask:

Bring Water :droplet:

Have All Bike Documents Ready (In Dashboard & Hard Copy)

No Helmet / No Mask = No Ride


Was checking Google maps timeline during ride day and it accidentally turned out to be symbol A :zap:


Ather Chennai Ride 15 - Photos


Damn! I wish we Bangalore owners had more out of city rides like this. And considering the number of scooters here, it would look like a crazy rally.


Wait for the X. This crowds gonna grow multifold in Chennai that it will look like a rally here itself. :blush:

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In Bangalore if you ride for 50 km you’ll still be in Bangalore. From our area to Electronic city. :joy:


:joy::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4: riding to the other side of the city, can’t even come back, have to charge at the grid :stuck_out_tongue:

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where do u stay? I stay at ecity