Chennai Group Ride

Nice ‘Dreamy’ pictures. :+1:
Why don’t you post a travelogue in the trips and travelogues section?

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Post it and tag @atherenergy on Facebook/Twitter and we’ll bump it up! Vishal has beaten you to it though:


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Hi All,
First time I rode through 3 ft of water for over 15 mins, almost near my hip level in Ather :smiley:

Even busses got stuck due to water running over on tailpipe.

It was funny as it felt like I was swimming in water as bike was completely under water, I didn’t even turn to sports, just used the Ride mode as always and the bike glided like charm.


Pls do not take the vehicle in water that is above the footboard. Though the battery is IP67, the motor and power electronics are IP65 and are not protected when the vehicle is submerged in water.


@frozenprakash what Raghav said. The vehicle is designed for up to 300mm of water wading capacity. Anything more would have severe consequences on the motor & battery electronics. General rule of thumb is to make sure water doesn’t go above the floorboard.

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Hi sir, I bought an ather vehicle recently. I would like to join in this kind of community trips. Is there a WhatsApp group where I can join and get notified.

How to join you guys during your next ride?

Chennai group ride #4

4th Ather Group Ride

Early Morning Ride : Dec 8th Sunday
Assemble Time : 5 Am @Ather Space
Start Time : 5.15 Am
Ride Distance : 27.5 :arrow_up:+ 46 :arrow_down:= 73.5Km Total :repeat:
Duration : 3 Hours - 3.5 Hours
Destination : Chembarambakkam Lake :pushpin:
Smooth Road : 65.5 Km
Off-road : 8Km

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Hi Rahul! I’m wandering if we should make an Auroville group ride as now we are 6 users and more are coming! :laughing: I got my scooter since friday, until yesterday afternoon it was a bit complicated because it was not charging, it seems Ather has to send an “authentication code” to the the scooter and they didn’t, so we tried many useless things… But now everything’s fine and people in Pondicherry are like this :flushed: when they see me accelerating or just going reverse! If any of you “Chennai guys” comes around, it will be a pleasure to ride with you and, just for your information, electricity is sustainable and “free” here so I think it’s the best place for EV’s! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey Jeremie , that’s great news :grinning:. Ather does the installation of DOT and takes care of the pairing but since you took the DOT in hand during delivery there has been a slight delay in mapping your Ather with the DOT. Good to know the installation and charging has been sorted out and you are enjoying your ride :wink:. Auroville Is the best place for EV’s and I had real fun time riding my Ather during last visit. Will plan again very soon with few more Ather’s from chennai until then enjoy riding and keep envying others with your Ather :stuck_out_tongue:.


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Chennai group ride #6

6th Ather Group Ride

Afternoon Ride : Dec 22 Sunday
Assemble Time : 1.00Pm
Start Time : 1.30Pm
Ride Distance : 30 :arrow_up: + 30 :arrow_down: = :repeat: 60Km
Duration : 6 Hours - 6.5 Hours
Start Point : @ Works Guindy
Destination : ECR Muthukadu Backwaters :pushpin:

Ride Route :

:checkered_flag: :motorcycle: @Works - Kathipara Flyover service road - Anna Salai - Little mount metro - Anna university - Madhya Kailash - Tidel Park left - Ecr - Madras Square - Muthukadu :motorcycle::walking_man::construction::end:


It was great fun.Right way to spend a Sunday and kick my range anxiety out of the way.


What a treat to the eyes in watching Ather assembles all of our souls together


Hi Chennai Group Riders!

I would like to support in the charging locations apart from the ather grid for the charging needs.

I have good contacts with the commercial places in Chennai.

So it will be helpful for charging in your rides!

Ride Ather! Save Environment!



Hi I would like to join for the future rides. If you have a WhatsApp Group or something please add me

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