Chennai Group Ride

The first group ride happened today the day after Diwali. Myself, Yash, Gokul & Kevin all four of them gathered @ Chennai Ather space at 5.30am charged up our rides and started towards the scenic beauty of the east cost road. There was a slight drizzle and the weather was perfect for a good start. Plan was to visit Madras Crocodile Bank and return back. Ather space - 38km - Crocodile Bank. We were all in ride mode as we wanted to enjoy the weather the road and off course our Ather 450. We took up our first charging break at Kriyates. As the fast charging grid was not working Yash had to end his ride and get back home. Meanwhile Abhi joined us for the rest of the ride and we went past MGM Resorts - Muttkuadu backwaters. Unfortunately Abhi also had to end his ride as he was running short of juice and needed to get back home. Myself, Gokul & Kevin continued the rest of the ride and finally reached Crocodile Bank. It was an Awesome ride i must say. There is a lot of respect on road when they see a group of Ather’s coming by, Clearly noticed that today. Saw a group of bikers showing thumbs up for us. No words to describe about the 450. Its a brilliantly built machine with no compromise in any department. Gives a big smile on your face, the amount of confidence Ather 450 gives is no way compared to any ICE scooter in its segment. The suspension and ride quality feels butter smooth like a BMW, The one who rides Ather can immediately say this was designed and built by a super young team and not by older generation. Loving the Ather 450 more day by day. Looking forward for more group rides in future.


Beautifully presented…

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The ride was AWESOME!

I did 60 kms exactly and I still have juice for an additional 6 kms. I was constantly riding at 65 kmph. (full throttle - ride mode).

Checked the top speed (90kmph).

On the highways, the 450 is very responsive. Very much impressed.

Things that can improve -

  • A wet Tarmac wouldn’t be fun for a rider in the back :joy:. If you’re going past 60 kmph, all that water gets showered back on to you. Lol.

We definitely do need

  • cruise control. If ather can manage that in an OTA, that’d be great.
  • a super charging point at Mahabs, even just one would be great.

All in all, the 450 feels just as good on the highway as in the city if not better.


Great Photgraphy. Awesome


One correction…its the second group ride in Chennai. The first one happened in July :grin:

Wondeful pictures. Thanks for sharing and Keep Wheeeing!


Loved the 3rd picture! Camouflage :joy:


Well, if we are to rewrite this sentence, it is first ride of Chennai Owners :slight_smile:


How far did you guys go and what were the places visited when you were in Chennai as a group. Just curious :wink:

50 Athers did this route.

Other wise 20+ Athers rode to Thiruvanmiyur beach.



@raghav.srinivasan, where was this Pic all this while?

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He was waiting for the right moment. :wink:

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this is going to piss off many users , without overcoat it is difficult to avoid tarmac on the back of the user


I thought I posted this in the Chennai event whatsapp group. Also this photo doesn’t cover everyone, a few of them were still on the beach when this pic was taken.

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How was the experience, Did cops cleared their doubts?

Was part of a group ride that happened last Saturday (15-11-2019) from AtherSpace to N4 Beach.
Some of the pics

More pics at!ACPKbf-Z3Xhl5BQ&id=90709AFF62296473!1193&cid=90709AFF62296473

Thanks Rahul for organising and thanks to Vishnu for capturing the moments…
And special thanks to all Atherians who was part of the ride :slight_smile:

@abhishek.balaji, we consent to share this media for Ather to post in social media and further promotions…


Nice ‘Dreamy’ pictures. :+1:
Why don’t you post a travelogue in the trips and travelogues section?

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Post it and tag @atherenergy on Facebook/Twitter and we’ll bump it up! Vishal has beaten you to it though:

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