Chennai Group Ride


@raghav.srinivasan, where was this Pic all this while?

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He was waiting for the right moment. :wink:

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this is going to piss off many users , without overcoat it is difficult to avoid tarmac on the back of the user


I thought I posted this in the Chennai event whatsapp group. Also this photo doesn’t cover everyone, a few of them were still on the beach when this pic was taken.

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How was the experience, Did cops cleared their doubts?

Was part of a group ride that happened last Saturday (15-11-2019) from AtherSpace to N4 Beach.
Some of the pics

More pics at!ACPKbf-Z3Xhl5BQ&id=90709AFF62296473!1193&cid=90709AFF62296473

Thanks Rahul for organising and thanks to Vishnu for capturing the moments…
And special thanks to all Atherians who was part of the ride :slight_smile:

@abhishek.balaji, we consent to share this media for Ather to post in social media and further promotions…


Nice ‘Dreamy’ pictures. :+1:
Why don’t you post a travelogue in the trips and travelogues section?

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Post it and tag @atherenergy on Facebook/Twitter and we’ll bump it up! Vishal has beaten you to it though:


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Hi All,
First time I rode through 3 ft of water for over 15 mins, almost near my hip level in Ather :smiley:

Even busses got stuck due to water running over on tailpipe.

It was funny as it felt like I was swimming in water as bike was completely under water, I didn’t even turn to sports, just used the Ride mode as always and the bike glided like charm.


Pls do not take the vehicle in water that is above the footboard. Though the battery is IP67, the motor and power electronics are IP65 and are not protected when the vehicle is submerged in water.


@frozenprakash what Raghav said. The vehicle is designed for up to 300mm of water wading capacity. Anything more would have severe consequences on the motor & battery electronics. General rule of thumb is to make sure water doesn’t go above the floorboard.

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Hi sir, I bought an ather vehicle recently. I would like to join in this kind of community trips. Is there a WhatsApp group where I can join and get notified.

How to join you guys during your next ride?

Chennai group ride #4

4th Ather Group Ride

Early Morning Ride : Dec 8th Sunday
Assemble Time : 5 Am @Ather Space
Start Time : 5.15 Am
Ride Distance : 27.5 :arrow_up:+ 46 :arrow_down:= 73.5Km Total :repeat:
Duration : 3 Hours - 3.5 Hours
Destination : Chembarambakkam Lake :pushpin:
Smooth Road : 65.5 Km
Off-road : 8Km

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Hi Rahul! I’m wandering if we should make an Auroville group ride as now we are 6 users and more are coming! :laughing: I got my scooter since friday, until yesterday afternoon it was a bit complicated because it was not charging, it seems Ather has to send an “authentication code” to the the scooter and they didn’t, so we tried many useless things… But now everything’s fine and people in Pondicherry are like this :flushed: when they see me accelerating or just going reverse! If any of you “Chennai guys” comes around, it will be a pleasure to ride with you and, just for your information, electricity is sustainable and “free” here so I think it’s the best place for EV’s! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: