Charging without crowding - Haryana & Telangana

Hey folks!

The Ather Grid network has been rapidly expanding across the country in the last few months. Today, there are 2000+ compatible fast chargers across the country, making it the largest 2W fast charging network in India.

To improve the availability and accessibility of chargers in more states, we’re bringing in paid charging at Ather Grid charging stations.

Paid charging will ensure that owners charge at Ather Grid points only for the duration needed, and free up chargers to those who really need it.

Starting 29 Feb, charging at Ather Grid points will be available at a fee of ₹ 1/min + GST, for the following states in addition to existing states:

  • Haryana
  • Telangana

The Ather App will become your hub to manage your charging experience at Ather Grids, allowing you to view nearby Grids, make payments and check the charge status of your scooter.