Charging stations been setup are only within 10kms distance from ather space centre

Hey there I am very much proud to be an owner of ather 450x but the problem which I have got is really genuine all the charging stations been setup are in 10kms radius of ather’s own showroom. I stay in Viman nagar ,Pune. The nearest ather grid from viman nagar is on a distance of 12-13kms and all others are 20kms far. Whereas viman nagar is the prime location of entire pune because of Pune’s International Airport still there is no ather grid in radius of 15kms from it. Then if we talk about other localities like Kalyani nagar where trump towers are located then koraegoan park which is Pune’s No 1 area from past many years still doesn’t has any of the grid all are 10kms far. If we talk about the other side like mundwa Hadapsar magarpatta wagoli kharadi all are the very own prime location of pune and from these areas the grid is shockingly more than 20-25kms far it’s too important at this point to set up grid over here because those who are staying in this area will think over 10times before buying the Scooty the main problem being of the grid. I would ask ather team to look into this and soon come up with a solution and setting up grid in atleast a few areas which I mentioned above because they are one of true prime location of entire Pune city. Hope to see a positive response towards this!!

-Vedant shinde (Ather 450x owner)


Bro my suggestion is please avoid fast charging… why means the battery life will be reduced. In case of emergency you use fast charging bro… please try to charge at home bro.

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Yes brother I know but if u case of emergency we need at atleast one brother in a radius of 5kms the closest one from my area is 12-15kms I am not saying because of this but it’s also the prime locations brother we have the International Airport of city over here. It’s my request that you see in google maps too area such as kharadi and all, the fast chargers located are 20-25kms far from there too brother that’s why I have raised this concern

The customer who is willing to and able purchase the Ather vehicles which is big MNC, banking sector, IT/Auto sector people are living and visiting these areas u mentioned, that is kharadi,kalyani nagar, koregaon park,viman Nagar, Hadapsar, amanora/Magarpatta, Hinjewadi, baner. And there’s no grid point, don’t know why. Lots of outlets and showrooms are there including those who has partnered with Ather for grid.


exactly this should be bought in notice of ather heads as soon as possible so that they will atleast look into this.

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This is something new, now since last 2-3 days, Ather grids in Pune now can be accessible only after 11AM.

What’s this new development @abhishek.balaji @tarun ? Earlier I used grids in early morning too. But some owners in Pune are facing the issue, yesterday someone in the Pune WhatsApp group also reported the same, that he couldn’t charge and cafe owner said that grid will be ON after 11 AM.

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Ather Grid locations access and the timings of it are at the discretion of the host. In some cases, they’re not comfortable allowing visitors during their non-working hours, and hence you’ll see them marked unavailable on the app. We’re working with each of the hosts to see if they can accommodate early morning charging, and we’ll update the status on the app if something works out.

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This is an electric scooter. There are already so few “lone” charging points. Are you guys gonna compromise with time restrictions on something as basic as this? Don’t you think it’s rather embarrassing to sell electric scooters in a metropolitan that spans an area of about 700sqkm with thousands of Ather owners with this sort of charging infrastructure?


@abhishek.balaji @tarun
Please can you look into this issue or concern which I have raised there is no reply also on this What do u guys have a say for this thing ???

Please don’t get me wrong on this and I am also not backing Ather in any way. Yes they have to work fast on building on more fast charging infrastructure along with a portable fast charging solution for consumers.

But Ather is at least providing some sort of infrastructure, other players in market doesn’t even have one public charging station they are completely dependent on Govt bodies. If something is given to us we all have a tendency to ask more and more we all never satisfy (Typical customer mind set including me in first place).

Once they start monetising for fast charging I don’t see more requests would be coming for fast chargers. Definitely there will be requests but the number of them decrease comparatively.

For setting up the number of stations currently present in Bangalore it took years for them. Even before the vehicle launched in 2018 they installed grid points in Bangalore. So comparatively they installed good numbers within few months of launch in many cities. (10 points in few months is not a bad progress in few new cities). I see an increase in pace of installing new stations.


Yes brother I have no complaints regards that I only have one concern that many of the fast chargers which are been setup in pune are only 500metres or 1km apart from each other they should setup fast chargers with atleast a minimum distance of 5-10kms not 500metres-1km And the areas which I have talking about are really one of the best areas and are primes so the complaint which I had got was that instead of setting up fast 1km apart from the previous please set it up area wise.

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Sir, you’re off base here. The main focus of my argument is the time constraint on charging points. Now we’re recommended to prevent getting emergencies before 11AM, isn’t it?

I live in Koramangala. I go to sarjapur to pick a friend and then to college on Mysore road. I have a conference to attend at the international center for theoretical sciences 29km far after class at 11AM. It’s best I tank it up to 80%Soc before I take off. And voila, I can’t do it at a charging point because it won’t open until 11AM.

I’m not saying I want it for free, we can all pay. But what’s the point of keeping it for free and not being able to provide? If it isn’t embarrassing, then what is it? Something to be proud of?

My scooter became a huge joke in class upon returning empty handed after staring at the closed gate of the parking lot at the charging station the other morning. (And mind me, the charging point was in green on the map before I set off for it)

Oh and guess what, I wouldn’t have bothered to mention this if it weren’t for someone else starting this thread. There are hundreds of people who don’t have the time and energy to mention the joke of a thing this is either. How do you think Ather is gonna hold up at this rate?


Not sure how much of this is controlled by Ather, as the hosts generally are supposed to be the ones who should allow to access/leave the charger switched on all the hours, even post their working hours.

In Mumbai, some chargers are setup at the local municipal parking buildings, which are closed after 12. Not sure who can we go fight about this? The municipal corporation? Don’t think so.

I believe this is why its so hard to setup Grids, as there are so many factors which come into play, like one, is the availability to charge 24/7, which is not possible at a lot of locations.

Just a tricky situation, all in all.


There must be an agreement between Host and Ather. One clause stating grid should be accessible 24/7 would be enough. Otherwise there’s no point hosting the grid.

If it’s possible for host then only Ather should go through with it. Let it take time, customer will understand delay for perfect system, but will always curse for imperfect system. Just like the scooter itself.(Perfect hardware, but imperfect software)


That is a double-edged sword for Ather though, innit? On the other side we see people complaining on the forum everyday about the paucity of grid points. So from Ather’s perspective, if someone is willing to host at least during business hours, that is one less point away from their target. No point refusing and driving away potential hosts with a 24x7 clause. End of the day it’s better have a grid point operating for 8-10 hours than no grid at all :sweat_smile:

I presume, eventually, once they have a deep enough coverage, they can pick and choose the hosts for optimal ownership experience, but for now, I guess they’ll take what they get!