Charging Infrastructure & Interoperability

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What about the slow charging speeds at Vida compered to Ather ?

Is it going to be solved in future updates or…


He answered just one question and made the other 4 himself :smiling_face_with_tear:.


Today I learnt how to say “interoperability”.


Questions which required answers are Payment for charging in Vida stations listed in Ather app and it’s same as Ather ₹1 per min what about speed of charging for 450x and 450+ on Vida chargers

What about SoC till 80% for Ather on Vida fast charger as well?

What about Vida owners how will they pay for using Ather chargers i think they are allowed to charge till 100% and Vida website mentioned that cost to charge at Vida fast charger is ₹20 per unit so will Ather charge per minute method to Ather owners but Vida owners pay only for unit?

In cars ccs2 any one can install the charging station app and pay as per their method but Ather is paying Vida for the cumulative units consumed by all Ather scooters in their vida charging stations as per their agreement but charging Ather owners same exorbitant pricing ₹1 per minute+ 18% tax for using Vida chargers as well


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