Charger not locking

Tried several times , has been happening since over a week

I suggest you to Visit Service Center

They will open Dev Mode and Check the Bug

Maybe Solenoid got Damaged (maybe)

But Visit Nearby Service Center


Whatever got damaged in the charger idc coz I bought vehicle in March 2023 I have like 4+ year warranty left I’ll get fixed for free


For Your Information,

Vehicles have 30,000 KMs Warranty beyond that Its Paid

Yeah You will get it fixed in SC for Free of Cost

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Just push the charger more before turning of the key. Sometime the lock stucks in the charging gun and doesn’t lock properly.

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I have ran only 3k

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Yeah That Charging Port is Still New Bro

You have to Apply a Little Bit Pressure after Turning off the Key

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This is certainly not the experience we wish for you to have with us. Please help us with your registered contact number and vehicle Order ID via DM and we’ll look into this at once.

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