Changing rear tyre on Ather 450

Folks, I have completed over 16000 km on my 450 and the rear tyre has almost no tread left. Is this normal tyre life that people are getting ? The front tyre seems to be in very good condition.

If I need to change, should I do it at Ather service centre? I don’t know if ourside mechanics are capable of handling EV properly

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You can see two marks in your tyre…The one in blue and the other one in red…If you’re tyre has crossed the red line then it’s necessary to change the tyre immediately!!..Everybody gets an average of 10-15k kms based on how they accelerate and brake…For changing the rear tyres you have to visit the Service center as the belt tension would be adjusted after fitting the new tyre…But make a note that it’s not necessary to install the tyres which they mention in Service center…You can buy your own tyres and ask them to replace it :+1:


Rear tire changinging is recommended at Ather Service center. As belt tension need to be calibrated.

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There is no need to be done at Ather. It can be done outside keeping in mind the alignment screws are not touched.

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Best solution for tyre change of Ather:

  1. buy your own tyre size 90/90 R12. (online or offline)
  2. book service appointment at nearby Ather showroom.
  3. pay rs250 (tyre change cost at service center) and get tyre replaced.

That’s all.

If you plan to get new tyre at service center they will charge 4k for overall process.