Changing my dashboard For Ampere REO

I don’t know if this is the right topic here but still!

I own an Ampere Reo too from past 4 years and it has the dumb display as the other vehicles have. Does anyone know how does the communication work or how do I fetch data if I want add a new one. Two possible options are worth considering.

  1. Smart screen (DIY) OLED screen with independent features like GPS, ESP-01 for wifi etc

  2. Android mobile/tablet This option seems to be ideal but fetching other data like ODO etc can be painful to fetch.

I made an simple Android App which had speedometer and GPS. Apart from this how do I get the battery voltages, Odo readings and stuff?

This is how the dashboard is. Will add some more clear photos soon

Get a battery voltage meter,it displays the voltage and battery percentage,it can be very handy, thinking of installing it on my ridge+ once I get free.

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