Change Wh/km to km/kWh

Petition to Ather to change the efficiency reading from WH/KM to kms/kWh on ride logs. For Example, Ather has a 2.6kWh usable battery, if the efficiency is 27kms/kWh in sports mode then the mileage will be calculated 2.6kWh X 27kms = 70kms/full charge. If your ride has a 4kWh battery then= 4kWhX27kms= 108kms range on full charge.

In either case, it should be read as 27kms/KWh. By doing so it’s easy to compare with other scooters. To read this as 34WH/KM might sound geeky but entirely impractical.


Make sense! It would work analogous to km/% and help with quick estimates. In my mind, i have 1%=1km solo. But your idea is both geeky (nerdy) and practical in the same time.

Don’t forget to vote for this on the top panel!


Well, not many takers for my appeal :joy:


You can always divide battery capacity by efficiency(measured in wh/km) to get projected range. Lets not try to fix what’s not broken.