Cant Turn on the Ather 450x at Speed Above 50KMPH

Hi, Recently noticed at a speed above 50kmph if the motor kill switch is engaged the motor will never turn on back until standstill or OFF/ON the key switch, is that the feature? if so what’s the purpose it never allowed to turn on again at a speed above 50kmph?

Just to know the purpose

Reference: Ather 450X Secret Hidden Features - YouTube (Point no 3)

Thank you

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I’m curious as to what is the use case of using the kill switch while the vehicle is in motion?

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Yep that’s intentional. If the motor is turned on when the scooter is moving at higher speeds (~40kmph), there’s a chance of damage to internal systems due to a sudden rush of current.


Accidentally tend to switch off while having a kid in the front seat and that’s how came to this question.