Can two or more Ather vehicles charge from a single charging point?

Can two or more Ather Vehicles charge from a single home charging point?

A vehicle and home charging point are mapped to each other and hence, by default the home charging point cannot charge other vehicles.

However, for situations where two vehicles need to be charged from a single charging point, the owner of the home charging point can request the same to the customer support team and they can facilitate mapping of the said charging point to multiple vehicles.

It’s important to note however, that home charging reimbursement, if provided will be provided to the vehicle owner, whose vehicle is being charged and not to the owner of the charging point.

The Process:

  1. Call/email the customer support team and let them know that your home charging point needs to charge another vehicle.
  2. Give them the details of this vehicle and they will be able to map it with your home charging point.
  3. Ensure the said vehicle is in a network connected area to get the mapping instructions for your home charging point.
  4. The vehicle should now be able to charge using your home charging point.