Can the duo charger body and mount be sold separately

Can the duo charger be sold as a mount and the charger body separately for previous owners as just the charger body has changed so hopefully there would be no need to can your original charger you could just change the outer plastic cover instead of purchasing the charging hardware from scratch.


nothing ever comes from Ather is backwards compatible. they usually never will sell anything that can decrease the sale count.


They could have kept the Duo topic open for comments to avoid many topics open around that

We wanted discussions to happen in a separate thread so that it does not clutter the actual announcement.

We’ll link the discussion thread in the announcement post so any user wanted to post/provide updates can do so from there.

I did not find the cost of the Duo Charger if this needs to be purchased separately. Did I miss?


It’s all clutter in the webside, here is the link to just the stand Ather Ather Duo Wall Mount Ather Accessories | Ather Store


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Thanks. For better clarity, and ease of finding information, they could have given a link to this accessory.

So, I presume charger will be same price as previous portable charger.

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Actually There was a Guy from Pune sold an Accessory to Hang Our PCs like this

Its Good too

If Ather thinks about Old Customers, They can make a Holder like this for Old Portable Chargers

But Thats a Big Question for Sure :smiling_face_with_tear:

I have Both Dot and PCs, If We get an Assy like that

It will look Great to Mount em on the Wall of my Parking :hugs::100:

Cost of the New Duo Charger is 13,998 RS + Wall Mount 2,599 RS :green_heart:

So Overall It will be 16,597 :slightly_smiling_face:

But Loooong Back Ather used to sell Dot and PC for 5k Something

I think There are new Techs involved in these Chargers

Is it a 700W charger?

Yes it is 700W according to their support team on insta

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Only Gen 1 charger (technically a charging cable) was in this range. Once the charger got off-boarded, they were above 15k. That’s why everyone got bonus refund. Some exceptions are where discount was added which made the charger price look low.


Gen 1 had on-board charger which is actually the best choice. Fortunately, Chetak still continues the onboard charger for Premium version. In both the cases, the charging cable is just bigger than your laptop charger. Genuinely Portable.

By making the charger off-board, Ather and all OEMs wasted the 1/3rd of the advertised bootspace with that big charging brick.

Not just the size. Now, if you want additional charger, you have to pay for full charger instead of just cable.

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This is convenient and should’ve been done some years ago when dot was introduced…better late than never.

On a lighter note, you may call me old, but the Duo reminded me of the public telephone that we used to have some years ago. :grinning:


Yeah But Sometime in Gen 2 Period - We had that Offer Bro

I remember it well

Yeah Even I missed that Feature on my Most Long Rides Brother

On my Goa and Delhi Ride, It took Most Spaces

Goa Ride I carried only PC But Delhi Ride

I carried Both Dot and PC for Safety Reasons :neutral_face:

Maybe Our Rizta will get On Board Charger Back Maybe :face_with_peeking_eye:

Last month my Ather 450x hr varient got delivered. Can I get new charging mount at no extra cost as the upcoming scooter are bundled up it @abhishek.balaji

What charger you got bro, New Duo Charger or Old PC Charger?

Hi I have the Ather 450x bought in dec 23, I have the charger which is like a big brick and have vents on the top with no lights and on the bottom it is completely flat with no hanging or mounting options, to get the duo charger what I need to do?

Buy It new or is there some sort of exchange or other way of getting it

You need to buy it separately there is no exchange program.