Can’t login to app in two devices at the same time

All been good for this long. Why suddenly put a limit? This doesn’t make any sense.


Yes, We had the App in Both Mine and My Wife’s Phone

But Now Can’t Do that :confounded:

Is it. That was the reason it was logging me out. @abhishek.balaji please rectify this by escalating. Thanks.


This issue has been there since 9.1 update

I thought the Issue is only for me and I had no logins too

I’m only facing from last three days. When this OTP based login came.

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I’m able to access it now on two different devices at the same time. Looks like it is now fixed.


Awesome, Lemme Try later and Check :hugs:

Anybody able to login at two devices at the same time now?

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Yep, fixed for me as well