BS-VI Standards


As regulator, auto industry are coming up with BS-VI enabled vehicles, does ather 450 require any BS-VI upgrade and if they are planning to manufacture in coming few months or BS-VI is not required from EV perspective?


@praveen.eswarr… BS IV and BS VI standards are applicable for vehicles which run on petrol/diesel. Those standards doesn’t apply for EVs.


To add to what Sandeep said, the standards you mentioned are aimed at reducing vehicle emissions. And EVs don’t have vehicular emissions🙂

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Thanks Arvind / Samir, appreciate your comments.
Apologies I wanted to highlight this in a bit different aspect, BS emission checks keeping happening across different timeliness. I am trying to understand fromCustomer perspective As what are the other EV compliance standards need to be adhered into which can bring some modification changes in the manufacturing of the EV Scooters in the near future ?

The FAME 2 norms are a start. The bigger battery capacity bigger the incentive. And because it’s applicable to only high speed scooters, it is sort of a standard set.