Breakfast with Tarun - Open House Kozhikode

Over the weekend, we kicked off another great Open House with Tarun in Kozhikode!

A bunch of passionate Ather owners came together to catch up with Tarun over breakfast.

Owners who attended the event had engaging conversations not only with Tarun, but also Shekhar Thakur and Venkataprasad - from the Product and Service team.

They talked about upcoming features, service issues and software enhancements. They also shared their thoughts, ideas and suggestions, providing valuable insights to the Ather team.

Do you want to be a part of the next Open House?

Let us know which city we should visit next!


Good going

Mumbai next please :zap: :zap:

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@tarun Chennai is long due for an open house, like the last one was in like Jan 2020

I know Madurai is going to be way down the list. If something is planned, count me in. :+1:t3: