Break lights when using Regenerative Breaking

Currently break light doesn’t turn on when using regenerative braking which is dangerous as scooter slow down and vehicle coming from behind has no clue tht ur slowing down. Kindly fix this issue in next OTA.


If they can change this… thay can also bring the new Emergency Braking Light too

homologation bro

This is a serious issue, they need to add brake lights for deceleration when regen is slowing down the scooter effectively (below 40kph)

This video demonstrates this issue Hyundai/Kia EVs

People on Instagram seem to face the same thing:


There’s already a thread about this.


This will be given in coming family friendly scooter…cuz homologation is a thing which only effects Ather

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Tf its a basic safety n logical thing it’s breaking that means light should glow. If it doesn’t actually its a traffic violation if ur brake lights not working.

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Mate some people in this very forum felt it unnecessary to have such a thing.

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bruh they aren’t providing a simple feature of turning on hazards while reversing which is very important to older gen scooters even after devloping it for new ones,this will atleast take couple genrations or years or Ather will wait until it becomes a regulation in germany then Ather will patent and advertise here as first in class feature

I had feature request post to make brake light blink slowly while regening long before I got my scooter but it got flagged,Ather flags posts when they want to ignore or are considering an idea like my auto brightness based on time was added after couple updates to Ather stack 5.


Lets see if they flag my post :sweat_smile:

I guess not enough ram

It’s really crucial