Brake disk scratches

The brake pad had got hard making breaking inefficient because my vehicle was on subscription the service team neglected to change the brake pads at 20 and 25k service now both discks have scratches on them and my front master cylinder is not working properly some time it lever decend without applying the brake. And service team is rejecting it to replace because disck warranty comes only till 30k . And complaining it with the Ather team and i don’t know why i can’t able reach out to them as i have complaint against the service team and only service team is contacting me. Does Ather removed every member in service team and completely handed over to the dealer obviously they only scam for money they will not understand the issue. And all thing the service team is to offer 5% discount because they made that mistake and i have to pay for service team mistake.


It sounds like you’re experiencing a serious issue with your brakes on your two-wheeler. Reaching out to Twitter for support or contacting the manufacturer directly could be helpful. Safety is first and brakes play crucial role. If we are the owner, we should have the authority to request brake replacements if necessary.

Hello Mr.Vinay

First of all I am really sorry for the Bad Experience with Ather.

And One Request,

Please Mention the Retail Partner Name with City and State Details :green_heart:

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No it was not AI-generated but if he still thinks that it is then no issue. I think I have to degrade my English for the Ather forum. :joy:

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Hope this playlist is useful to troubleshooting your issues


This doesn’t sound right, Vinay! At Ather, we always aim to provide our users with a seamless experience. We request you to please share your registered contact number and Vehicle details via DM for us to assist you with this.


No problem bro :wink:. I didn’t take it personally let’s help each other :handshake: and make the forum better :innocent:.


8951017865 Is my contact number. Till Ather has its own service centre it was fine but when they closed Ather own service centre and we had to depend only dealer service center this is the issue. I have raised complaints about it all i get is call from service centre offering 5% discount.


Ather 450 is bought from company owned showroom and till company owned service centre was available for public it was fine but when dealer service center opened and company owned service center only available for battery and motor issue i had facing these kind of issues.

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Hey, Vinay! Thank you for your patience and time, we hope our customer support was able to provide you with a positive resolution. Do let us know if you require any further assistance, we will be happy to help you.

No the customer care are referring to relevant team as service team only they didn’t not slove my issue. They simply close the my ticket saying according to our relevant team warranty is over that’s why they can’t replace. Its an irony that we complain issue about service team and the complaints directly to tehm only they sure will not accept thire mistake

Please provide me solution from Ather team not from service dealer

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Please can you escalate the issue to Ather team the customers care is just closing my compliments without forwarding it to Ather team need clarification from Ather team

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