Booking and Purchase experience

A proud Ather owner ! I’ve been following Ather since almost 2 years. Finally got the opportunity to order 2 Ather 450 in Bangalore. Visited the experience center and was really impressed by the ambience and the hospitality. Test drove the vehicle and was really mind blown by its experience! I had loads of questions which were patiently answered by Meet Vora with great clarity.

— Faced a few hassels while booking : (I choose the loan payment method)

  • Experienced alot of miscommunication between Ather and Hero fin corp
  • Was being asked for to send the same documents various times .
  • No clarity on the registration process - I was suddenly asked to complete few formalities which was very abrupt
  • Miscalculations on my due payment ( which was resolved later )

I am really thankful to Mr. Meet Vora who helped me throughout the process. He answered to all my queries and had constant support and follow up thoughout even during off work timings.

After almost a month and half of my booking, I was finally delivered both my 450s , and enjoyed riding them since them.

There were a few issues faced throughout delivery, But felt it was all totally worth it. Hence Ather proved to me that - Goods things takes time. :joy::wink:

Had an amazing, amazing experience since then ! Will always be a loyal Ather fan!


Buying a vehicle for daughter is a very happy experience and you guys are the best in spoiling and making it as painful as possible.

I have booked 450x order no 61407 and made full payment on 28th December for the vehicle, insurance & support/data. To keep it simple, I opted for the default option of Edelweiss Insurance for which Ather has tieup.

Still Edelweiss Insurance have not issued the insurance and my registration process is struck. In spite of multiple calls to Ather & Edelweiss support and visits to Ather Indiranager showroom, there is no progress.

Today after 3 days Edelweiss Insurance says they will check and get back by 5th January. Will you pay interest for the delay?

More than that, I have to travel to meet my father who is ill and struck in Bangalore to complete the RTO formalities for which there is no commitment from Ather.

Ather is the most expensive scooter sold in India and we put the trust on startup that they will be very proactive and provide best support. Before buying the vehicle itself this is the high handed attitude I am facing and worst support. I am really worried how the ownership experience is going to be.

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