Bombay - Matheran - Bombay (200 kms)

Alright, the last few weeks since Ola launch, I forgot to enjoy things I already have. Call it a band wagon effect. Anyway, this weekend, coming up another long leisure ride from Bombay to Matheran and back. The Ather grid in Kalyan will come handy. Keeping fingers crossed. Will check the following during the journey:

  • 10.1.6 : One of the most stable update for sure. Will be interesting to see how things (map) work
  • experience the new Ather Go in Kalyan
  • check out & use the new Ather grid in Kalyan
  • win wife’s confidence on EVs (yes, she is joining me this time)
  • time the entire journey. Will keep sharing the updates & pics here. :blush::heart:

Heres the route. The FC in Kalyan is perfectly located with absolutely no detour. :ok_hand::heart:

Consider the roads when you plan the trip, they will slow you down considerably

True, I think I have 2 options. I might take the one via Thane. The roads there are better but the route is slightly longer. And I can stop to charge at FC in Thane which also has no detour.


@rajkumar.mishra2010 wish you all the very best… Have a cool ride . Enjoy… Share your trip experience with us when you complete the ride

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Enjoy the ride buddy

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Alright, just reached Ather Go, Kalyan. Total distance travelled: 60 kms Time to charge here: 30 mins to get back to 52 kms range (enough to reach Matheran). But will charge till 11 am as waiting for KFC to open. :grinning: Next stop: Hotel in Neral Total distance to travel: 35 kms Total time taken to reach here: ~2 hrs Few pics:

Good Job Ather team with much needed improvements on navigation :heart::heart:… although it still struggles randomly but the thing bounces back like an old man. I didn’t have to stop and enter the address again. But, man I had to be patient. :smiley::smiley:


Few more instances of maps going dead… !! Still an improvement from what we have experienced which was much worse. Atleast, post 10.1.6, the map don’t die often. But, man… I think we have to live with this forever now. After sometime, we are so annoyed that it doesn’t matter anymore. :joy::man_facepalming: 10 kms & still the map didn’t come back until I stopped, rebooted. Duh…!

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Nice writeup and couple bro, I see that u are from Virar, good to see owners from Vasai-Virar region, I stay in Vasai and ur trip has definitely put some confidence in this scooter, will plan to catch up sometime.

So did u use Ride mode for the entire trip and what was the speed u maintained?

take care.

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I was in ride mode all the time. Average speed could have been easily around ~30-35 kms/hr. Relatively, I was surely going faster than most of the scooters on the road. The FC on the route solves all the range anxiety. Additionally, we left Toothless to charge at a farm house just at the base of Matheran. We returned the next day & we were ready to get back home.

So how I felt about the below points during my leisure ride to Matheran:

*** 10.1.6 :**

  • Absolutely, not a single dashboard restart noticed.
  • Map was mostly spot on. It didn’t raise my blood pressure. It went off 4 times but came back twice on its own in a min or 2.
  • Had to restart the thing 2 times as the map just didn’t want to come back.
  • compare to my experience while my ride to Pune, this was sooo much better

*** experience the new Ather Go in Kalyan**:

  • the staff was super supportive & enthusiastic
  • even they have raised issues with Ather grid status in the app.
  • they agreed that the app needs 1 more status (like blue when the charger is in use. Grey is simply confusing)
  • had a nice discussion on Ather vs Ola. We concluded that software experience is the key.

*** Total time taken** (Bombay - Matheran): ~4 hrs

  • Virar to Kalyan: 1.5 hrs (60 kms)
  • FC stop: 30-40 mins to get back to 60 kms range (enjoyed food at KFC while Toothless was getting charged)
  • Kalyan to Matheran’s base: 1.5 hrs

We took our own sweet time while coming back. Sight seeing, eating & shopping. Overall rating: 8/10

8 because, if the range was 120-130 kms, we could have easily taken Toothless right to the top at the Matheran Parking space. The ride in the ghats could have been heavenly & we could have saved rs. 700 on ride sharing. @tarun @abhishek.balaji


Sounds like a pleasant ride! Could you share the ride stats for the same, would be interesting to look at.

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There are many more from the region ~10 flights. Ping me if you would like to join the WA group :slight_smile:


Sure malcolm, I’ll message u, thanks for the invite. :+1:

Fun of instant acceleration. Don’t try this with your wife…!