Black Panther - 450x Warp Mode Test Ride Experience

Well, my 450x test ride story is a little different than others. I am a different person altogether and I do not like surprises, nor I give surprises. I did not go to IBC when we were called as it was a festival day and my family insisted me to be with them. As I need to live with them the next day too, it was inevitable for me not to cross Lakshmana Rekha. Anyway, I liked the gesture of sending one 450x to my home that evening, and warmly welcomed when it landed. Since I had seen this coloured Ather earlier in Delhi launch event it was not a surprise to me.

Let me name this 450x as Black Panther even though it is Grey. The reason for calling Panther is obvious. With so much power more than Cheetah (known for speed, not for power), Panther is a deserved name.

As the charge was just 19% left in the black panther, I had to charge it to get hang of the scooter. As this is version 2 scooter, I had to use a portable charger and not my usual POD. As you might know, WARP mode works only above 35% SoC. Since I have enough patience, it was not an issue for me to wait :blush:

Took a little longer time to charge from 19% to 51%; around 1:30hrs; probably it is due to capacity change (?) (2.6KWh vs 2.4KWh). Later, I left it for overnight charging and did not check to charge time anymore.

Note, all below reviews are based on my 51KM rides on various times in 2 days and most comparison is with my existing 450. These observations are not just on 450x.

Great Pluses

  • Enormous and Spontaneous Power. It zips through at no time. Indeed, it is a black panther in WARP mode. During the 51km ride at various traffic lights, I could easily beat anyone.
  • Feels light compared to my 450. Weight is down by 7kgs due to the removal of an on-board AC-DC charger.
  • Feels more and easily manurable compared to my v1.0 scooter.
  • Since DOT charging is very silent compared to POD, I was really doubting on charging. I saw the dashboard twice to ensure it is indeed charging.
  • Suspension is cool, much better than my 1.0. My v1.0 which is bumpy. I tested the suspension going through rough roads and indeed it proved to be better.
  • Seat latch is super silent and requires very little pressure to close.

Some of the takeaway

  • Personally, I still like white colour. I feel dark colours are less safe as it is less visible to other vehicles.
  • I am not a speed/torque freak nor high adrenaline guy. My daughter who sat behind me, did not like the way I drove. At one point of time, she asked me to stop angrily and later I had to change my riding style to usual way.
  • Energy efficiency of my 51Km ride was whopping 37 Wh/Km. I felt bad later as my usual consumption is 24 Wh/Km. Is this adrenaline rush worth it? Not for me.
  • Wish I could have had access to ride statistics to compare in the app.
  • Wish it were fully loaded 450x with Android Dashboard and 4G connectivity.
  • Dark Mode alone in dashboard is not a pleasant feeling at daytime. I had hard time in map mode.
  • Having DOT/POD to charge our bike is really user centric. I experienced this in the 2 days of portable charging. (I used to argue differently in my earlier posts)

Overall, it is really a memorable test ride. The way Ather treats its customers has a personal touch which makes me dearer with them. Thank you, guys, for making it memorable second anniversary of forum.