BBC TopGear Magazine India Awards 2021

Hey folks!

The Ather 450X has been nominated for BBC TopGear India’s awards for the best electric two-wheeler in India! Part of their evaluation process is through public voting: Head to the link below and vote for your favorite electric two-wheeler of the year (Hoping it’s us :smiley: )!

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 11.39.03 AM


Hey Odyssey hawk+ is leading now. It is time to show some support.


It was leading. Now Ather 450x is leading with a good margin.

Odysse might consider opening a forum :crossed_fingers:


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Odysse is closing in! Go on guys, vote for your favorite! Screenshot 2021-01-23 at 2.42.50 PM


Voted :white_check_mark:

You sure they don’t have something similar already? The gap between 450X and Hawk+ is progressively decreasing!

It’s time for the Ather owners on the forum here to show some love. I’m sure 450X will blow the competition away if even 50% of the owners on this forum go and vote on the link :slight_smile:

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Indeed it does seem like they are lobbying their fans to vote too. Cmon owners, let’s give them a run for their money!

That’s what I think so too!

Abhishek, how about sending an email from the official Ather ID to all owners inviting them to vote? I’m sure a lot of them don’t visit this forum much… :smiley:

Actually I found a bug with their voting page. You can click on “Return to poll” option and vote again. It will count as another vote.

I think Hawk+ is doing the same to get to the top.

Ahh! I think there’s no bug in the link. U can’t vote again until u submit another different email ID.

I think it is like resubmitting the vote and it won’t count as another vote.

When I checked, each time I click on Return to poll and vote again the percentage gets increased.

Unless they have a backend data processing mechanism to filter out duplicate votes, this I think is a bug.

Update: I counted the maximum times you can vote for each category. For each email id one can vote 23 times for each category. It is not 1 vote for each category. After 23 times I’ll show “We have already counted your vote”.


Whoa that seems correct! I was able to get the stat from 32.02% to 32.17% after multiple retries. Going full scale on this.

Whats going on looks like match fixing :persevere:

Isnt it already fixed with three vehicles from one company and the lone entrant

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