Battery Widget for Lockscreen

Can you roll out mini widget which shows the scooter battery on the lockscreen and homepage on both android and ios. Something like the below picture where it shows my watch battery.

It’s an ease of life feature in my opinion and doesn’t require to open the app to check the status.

Same can be done for tpms if applicable. Shows the tyre pressure reading right on the lockscreen


I am so glad that yesterday they added a feature I had requested in Atherstack 6

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It’s not widget. It’s a sticky notification.


Something regarding a notification of sorts was informed at the rather community day. This will be rolling out with atherstack 6 which will bring a lot of visual changes to the Father app.

I think this upcoming update is more focused on ios in its widgy style and live charging notification like the Zomato tracker or Uber , charging notification would be great, I except good widget come to IOS soon

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I asked the Ather dev team regarding the album art on ios , he told the latest ios17 has restriction For sharing album art ,so it’s not available, they are doing a workaround for that soon

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I hate that they did that. They should learn from Tesla how they do it. Notifications intrude on users, while widgets are more friendly.

I seemed like the only one not cheering when they announced that during the event :frowning:


Exactly. Implementing the exact same code but in a widget, how hard would that be. And it makes sense in a widget only. Persistent notifications are meant for loading bars type stuff, when you’re waiting for something to happen. It makes sense when the scooter would be charging.