Battery Drain on idle

Hey ather fam, So i’ve noticed an issue in my 450 plus. This morning i had charged my scooter to 100%. I travelled 4.7 kms, And the vehicle shows me that i can ride only 61 kms whereas it should have been (70-5=65). Why is there a degradation of 4kms when it’s on standby? Why does battery degrade so much when the vehicle is off.? Any similar issues?

As per the ride statistics, range shows 75 kms. So, by the end of the ride, your remaining range should have been 70 km. When you saw the projection as 65, how much time after your ride, did you check it?

Also, when you started the scooter, it hope SoC was 100%. But it would have been mostly 99%. You can verify for yourself by observing it for first 500 metres or so. It will quickly become 99 (or 98 for Ather 450). So, this will cause any short rides with full charge to show bad efficiency.

I am also witnessing 2%-5% battery drain after a full charge when left in idle overnight, the battery drain varies on day to day basis, was not able to find the exact reason behind this but think that the battery drain is a bit high, do climatic conditions play a role in this as I live in a pretty humid climate with higher average temperatures (Chennai). coz given the current scenario it is being used only for short rides and by sun (next charge) I’ll be doing a total of 50kms driven completely in eco mode on a full charge in a week’s time including standby idle time, is this normal?

Yes… am facing this issue… on idle status for a day 10% charge drains. Am not sure y. Am really worried about the battery condition. It’s just one month old.

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I experience exactly the same problem. I ride 10Kms a day only in ECO modes It takes just 5 days for the battery to drain from 100% to 2%. The projected range was 85Km. I thought I would get atleast 75Km in ECO mode but the maximum range I got was 55Km. I don’t ride fast or rash and the Wh/Km is always above 30. Anyone can pls explain what maybe the problem?

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Don’t worry about battery drain sir keep full charge the vechical and use shutdown mode sir on night time automatically the battery drain problem solve sir…

If you vechical not use more than 2 to 3 days kindly use shutdown mode sir …

I will use Shutdown everyday and see if there is any improvement. Thk u for the tip. :+1:t5:

If we shutdown, then allso battery drains 3 to 4%

dear all don’t worry about 2-8% drop because there are some systems are alive behind for vehicle data collection & monitoring so we have to allow them to improvise our scooter for future

Before update Battery drain was not happening. other than this i get more noise on eco mode and power is decreased in Ride & Sport modes. This needs to be addressed by ather team. now i think ather team is not serious on there product. before release of update are they doing testing then this must rectified in testing it self and released.


I totally agree.The idle power drain use to be just 1% before the software update but post software update I am terribly loosing 5-8% single day. I feel like made a terrible decision to buy ATHER450X.

I now have to charge for every 20km of my usage. When put into question they revert back saying “Depends on drive quality”. Heck I never cared about these terminologies while driving Activa.

And shutdown option is just another gimmick. It still consumes 3-4% on idle stand by.

Just on gaining fame the quality of the product is dropping to ground.


From what I have understood, the range is higher if you take longer rides. If you take shorter rides, the overall range might be much lower. Not sure why though. Even in the ride statistics I noticed that shorter trips tends to have higher number for efficiency and lower number for longer trips

This doesn’t seem right I’ve lost 3-4% over a week in shut down. See if this recurs or just a one time thing.

Do you mean FAME subsidy? Because ather has almost always had that anyway and if you mean fame as in popularity then, the product is about the same as when it was when it wasn’t so famous 🤷

Idle standby is when you key off and is different from shutdown. I’ve had just a 3% drop for over 1 week shutdown on the 450.

Shutdown = Settings menu -> Shutdown -> turn key to off position.

Switch off = Just turn key to off position.


I am also facing 8% battery drain when it is idle for a day. Is it advisable to shutdown every day to avoid this much battery draining.

Please advise what is the solution for it.

Well, they say that there are times when the scooter doesn’t start back up again after shutdown. Not recommended by them to shutdown everyday. I personally shut it down because i know it drains battery big time and its a pain to go down to charge and climb up 4 floor again.

I have similar observation of 7%drop in a day. This 7% drop is equal to 300Wh/day, that is equivalent to 3-6 laptop batteries or 1.5x of my refridgerator energy/day. The interesting part is what algorithms/processes are they running which is taking so much energy. like is there any bitcoin mining happning on my ather when its idle :stuck_out_tongue:


I do face this after the recent firmware update. It used to be 3 to 4 % a day, but now it has doubled to 6 to 7 % a day

Known bug, that’s getting fixed in the next release (10.1.2). This is currently being tested by a bunch of folks, and they’ve confirmed that this is resolved. You can expect this to be rolled out next week.

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