Bangalore to Kumara Parvatha Hills

Hi, We are Planning a Ride from Bangalore to Kumara Parvatha Hills

For Bangalore People It’s 3 Days Ride

For Me, From Coimbatore Its 5 Days Ride For @acorreya From Kochi Its 7 Days Ride

But The Ride will happen Once We get Enough Response

Interested Show Response here,

We will Plan and Execute the Ride in a Month or Two :white_check_mark:

Capable Vehicles :

:sparkles: Gen 2 450x :sparkles: Gen 3 450+ and 450x

Specifications :

:sparkles: Helmet Must for Entire Ride :sparkles: No Squidding on Traffics :sparkles: Payable For Charging Other than Ather Grids :sparkles: Further We discussion later on this Ride Whatsapp Group

Plan Proposed by @rakshithricky1994 from Bangalore :crown:

Can We expect Fast Portable Charger Support from The OEM?

@tarun @abhishek.balaji @smridhi.kalati

Plan of the Ride :

Day -1 @acorreya Travelling from Kochi to Coimbatore

Day 0 My Travel to Bangalore :joy:

Day 1 Travelling Towards the Kumara Parvatha

Day 2 Morning Trek and Rest

Day 3 Returning to Bangalore

Day 4 My Return to Coimbatore

Day 5 @acorreya Travelling back to Kochi from Coimbatore


Bro can we manage this on Gen2 ? If we can then I am interested.

Gen 2 450x is Capable for this Ride Bro :white_check_mark:

Even 450+ Gen 2 Possible donno about the SoH and etc

Will See

Rakshith is bringing his Gen3 so no range anxiety. But I upgraded my Gen 2 rear tyre to 100/80 from 90/80 don’t know how much range dropped now. But my soh degradation is less than 1% which I confirmed from service centre.

Ready for the trek

Bro I am also using the Same Specification

No Matter Gen 2 or Gen 3

Will Stop for Charging Every 70-80 KMs

We first Organise Member

Then We Plan the Ride :hugs:

Very good plan, more details awaited

Sure Harish na,

First We organise Member

Then We Plan and Execute it

Plan for the Bangaloreans :imp:

Day 1 Travelling Towards the Kumara Parvatha

Day 2 Morning Trek and Rest

Day 3 Returning to Bangalore

Lol! Let me hope it ain’t take my job away!

Let me Check for a Gen 2 for You from Bangalore Bro :thinking:

So That You can Take Train by Night and Work on the in Train

Then Join us for Ride

3 Days and Return to by Train :thinking::thinking:

What say bro

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Interested. I’m a gen 4 user

Wait I will DM you the Link for Ride Plan Group !!

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Interested for the ride +1

Awesome Buddy, I will add you to the Whatsapp Group :zap:

Interested to trek

Actually I would like to make this Clear. Its Ather Ride + Trekk

DM for Link

These are Dates Planned for the Ride :saluting_face:

February :

5 6 7 8 or 19 20 21 22

Bangaloreans - 6,7 & 8

Others like Keralites + 2 Days Tamils - +1 Day

Join in to know More

As of now 6 Athers Joined :smiling_imp:

Ride and Trek Postponed to October 2024 :green_heart:

So Sad, We were Planning it and Thought We will Do it for Sure this Feb 2024

But Forest Department had Other Ideas, Their Prevention also Really Good

Okay, If You are Interested to Join on October 2024 - DM Me to Join Whatsapp Group :raised_hands: