Bajaj Chetak

Being a punekar i got this knowledge from chetak in alll channels what interest is it to me if they launch elsewhere little do they know that i have ather :joy::joy:

I tried to test drive Chetak n visit least 3 showrooms for 5 times. no showroom has scooter to test drive or details are provided.

It looks like Bajaj has now applied for the FAME II subsidy and getting Rs 45,000 as subsidy. But they have increased the ex-showroom pricing drastically to milk the entire subsidy amount themselves instead of passing it onto customers.

This is what I feared the most when Ather announced 450X at a much higher price than 450. Despite huge subsidies and tax cuts, companies continue to do as little as possible in the EV market.


They are eating the subsidy amount. In this respect, Ather is transparent and passes the extra subsidy benefit to the customer.


But the scooter itself is overpriced from the start but still this transparency is better than these ice companies greed.


OMG, When I checked last month before booking Ather. Final amount of chetak scooter was less around 20000₹ difference… when I called customer care they stated subsidy is not available n bajaji as stated the same thing on their website as well…now they have changed it…

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New Update on Bajaj Chetak 2022

Source: Team-BHP forum and Auto-Car India

  • Bosch Motor (max 4.08 kW) replaced by Flash Motor (max 4.2 kW)
  • Battery capacity remains exactly same. It is strange.

That’s sweet, better performance, i think it’s getting bit cheaper due to localisation of components

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I had taken a test ride of the Chetak a few days ago. Overall I would say a decent product. It resembles a Yamaha Fascino rather than the original Chetak.


  • Retro styling (for those who like it).
  • Good fit and finish.
  • Dedicated storage for charging cable.
  • USB and storage area for mobile.
  • Automatic regen.
  • Automatic mode switching.
  • Factory fitted centre stand and side step (I’m not a big fan of these features though).
  • No subscription plans, touchscreen and connected features for those who don’t need (this is a major con for some people).


  • No fast charging support and charging network.
  • Front suspension not the best.
  • Hub motor.
  • No rear disk.
  • Small boot.
  • Heavy metal body (this is a pro for some people).

What Bajaj should have done is keep the base model as it is to cater to some customers and make a premium model with:

  • Telescopic front suspension or something like Ola.
  • Fast charging support.
  • Touchscreen, connected features and subscription plans.
  • Mid mounted higher power motor.
  • Rear disk.

Can Greaves electric take over Ather? What are you views on this. Hero vida will be up no doubt. Chetak will touch 15k in jan definitely

Ampere - not likely. The competition will be between Ather and Chetak.

Chetak price cut to 1.15L did the trick to move from bottom to Top 3. In my office itself, I could see 5+ new Chetak in these 3 months.


chetak adaption is crazy right now even before they launched new tft screen ones which have more range and speed as first owners of chetak which has most bosch made parts are very satisfied.

Ather shloud climb with recent 450S discounts making it much better than S1X+ and family scooter shloud help by end of year


I saw a white bajaj chetak recently. It is such a beautiful baby. I was mesmerized seeing it. So smooth.


I really doubt Ather will climb even with discounts. To be really honest parents are not a fan of Ather design. Now chetak has a very familiar design so they might like it.

Athers 450 design has many issues even to last apex model but its timeless,its been around since half decade still it looks fresh

chetak is pretty and its paint quality shines

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Tbh i don’t blame your parents. I myself will choose chetak over Ather now


Got my dad the Chetak Urbane yesterday and he finds it a lot more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than my Ather. The build is great and the suspension is plush. Only downside are the drum brakes at both the ends but again, my dad rarely goes above 35-40 kmph, so its manageable.

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A small correction - Front is disc and rear is drum. But, it is nowhere as powerful as Ather. I feel it very similar to the scooters with drum brakes at both front and rear.

Front disc is on Chetak Premium, not Urbane. I agree on the braking power though.